Программами  и  нацелен  на  развитие  навыков  говорения, 

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НазваниеПрограммами  и  нацелен  на  развитие  навыков  говорения, 
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said why. She got married a few years ago, her husband's a vet. They 
must be happy because they work together, and she loves animals. 
We have the same tastes in books and music. When she was 
younger I used to take her to the opera - that's my passion - but she can’t 
have liked it very much because she hasn't come with me for years. I 
don't think she goes to the cinema or watches TV much. She might watch 
my films, but I don't know. It's not the kind of thing she talks to me about. 
I'm very pleased to have Carmen. She's a good daughter, but I think 
she likes my new wife very much because she doesn't visit us very often. 
I'm looking forward to being a grandfather one day. I hope she'll have a 
Carmen Darrow, veterinary assistant, talks about her father, Oliver.  
I really know my father. He isn't easy to get on with. I've always 
found him difficult to talk to. He's a bit reserved, but he loves to be 
recognized and asked for his autograph. I think people see his films and 
think he's very easygoing, but he really isn’t. He's won some awards for 
his films, and he's really proud of them. He used to show them to my 
friends when they came to the house and that really embarrassed me. 
He can’t have been home much when I was a small child because I 
don't remember much about him. His work always came first, and he was 
often away from home making films. I wasn't surprised when he and my 
mother split up. He must have wanted the best for me, but the best was 
always what he wanted. He chose my school and I hated it. I had no 
friends there, I was miserable and didn't do well, so I was asked to leave. 
He must have been very disappointed, but he said nothing to me. He 
wanted me to be an actor like him but I'm not at all like him. I tried it for 
a while, but I was miserable until I met my husband. He's a vet and I'm 
his assistant. Now I'm doing what I always wanted to do, working with 
animals. My father and I have always been so different. I love animals 
and he loves books and music, and above all opera, which I hate. If he 
comes to see us (we live on a farm), he always wears totally the wrong 
clothes, but we still don't see much of each other. It’s because he didn't 
really want me to marry George. He wanted me to marry a famous film 
star or something, but of course I didn’t. George and I don't want 
children, we have our animals, but my father would love to have a 
grandson. Maybe his new wife will give him the son he wants, but 
probably not. She cares too much about being slim and beautiful. I 
occasionally see one of his films on TV. I find it hard to believe he's my 
father. He is like a stranger.  

Слова для запоминания 
Moody – унылый,  угрюмый;  Odd – странный,  эксцентричный
Vet  - 
ветеринар;  To embarrass – смущать,  приводить  в 
замешательство; To split up – распадаться;  Miserable – жалкий, 
2.12  В группах обсудите ответы на следующие вопросы. 

Which two sentences best describe their relationship? 
a It was closer when Carmen was a child,  
b They get on well and have similar interests.  
c They don't have much in common. 
Which two sentences best describe Oliver? 
a He's done a lot for his daughter,  
b He isn't very sensitive to how she feels.  
c  He's more interested in himself than his family. 

Which two sentences best describe Carmen? 
a  She is selfish and spoilt,  
b She tried to please her father,  
c She was never really happy until she married George. 
2.13  Ответьте на вопросы. 

1.  How did Oliver behave in front of Carmen's friends? 
2.  Why did she leave school? 
3.  Is she happily married? How do you know? 
4.  What does Carmen think of her father's career? 
5.  Why don't they see each other very much? 
2.14  Пользуясь модальными глаголами в скобках в настоящем 

предложения. Дополните предложения по-своему.  

1 I'm sure Carmen likes animals a lot because …. (must).  
She must like animals because she enjoys working with them. 
2 I don't think Oliver is a very famous actor because … (can’t). 
3 I think maybe he has won an Oscar because ... (might). 
4 I'm sure she had a lot of friends when she was a teenager because … 
5  I don't think she worked hard at school because ... (can’t)  
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