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tourism potential
The «Shaitankol» lake
The devil’s lake, or «Shaitankol», in the steppe hummocky 
topography is considered as mountain reservoir. All — both the 
lake itself, and the forests adjoining to them are beautiful, and 
the mystique of ancient legends are blown from them. 
The «Big chamber»
North of Karkaraly town, about in a kilometer, in the middle part 
of a rocky comb, girding the town, is the huge stone canopy. It is 
a Big Chamber. It poses the  8-10-meter niche in the cliff. Its width 
is 15-20 meters, the height is till 8 meters. The large boulders lay 
under the canopy. The excursion group of 50 people can get out 
of the rain and the scorching rays of sun here.
Three caves
Three caves of the «Primitive man cave», located at the Maliksai 
natural boundary, in 3 km from Karkaraly. The way to the cave 
is getting off the edge of a wood. Through the narrow-wide 
mountain Tasbulak gorge with plumb walls, on the bottom of 
which the brook runs and on the slopes hit or miss the rare little 
pine trees pull leathers the chinks. It is a small stone canyon out 
of granite slabs and three inlet ports to the vault. The boundary 
caves are the pocket-sized, in the cells-niche in all hardly 2-3 
persons can settle. To the central subway it is necessary to land 
in all fours– its height the one meter single, but passing several 
steps it is possible to draw one straight.
 The right handed passage leads to the room with natural shelves 
and niches, and the left through the low-rise aperture. It is a sort 
of large hall; in the middle of it   some time ago the water has 
aggregated, forming the small lakelet. The ceiling is turned up 
to 3-4 meters. Here you do not feel the sultriness in the most 
canicular days. In 1947 by the employees of Karagandinskiy 
regional museum the scrubber s and bones of domestic animals 
were discovered. In three rooms of total space of 35-40 sq. m 
could settle 10-12 people. Before 1947 the caves in the Maliksai 
natural boundary have been without certain name. But when 
during its inspection the employees of Karagandinskiy regional 
museum have discovered the scrubber s and bones of domestic 
animals that became to call it as a place of a new lithic and 
bronze ages man site.
The «Pool» lake
The Big lake
The «Pool» lake is located distantly of 4.5 km north-westerly to  The closest and travelled water object is the Big Lake. It is situated 
Karkaralinsk. To get to it is possible en-route the “Stone fairy  in 2,5 kilometers from Karkaralinsk and in 1,5 kilometers from the 
tale». To get over to the lake is possible on foot only; the whole  holiday camp. Its area is 2,5 square kilometers, the maximum 
routing occupies 4 hours in view of the rest.
depth is about 4,6 meters. The water is free-salined, has a turtle 
green color. The place for a beach is better to choose on the 
The «Pool» is one of the most beautiful places of  Karkaralinskiye  northern or west lakes coasts. 
mountains.  The amazing nature creature, it is situated deep 
in the mountains and poses the native cup of the marvelously 
The «Shakhtyor» rest house
correct rectangular shape, reminding the pool. The four cornered 
The «Shakhtyor» rest house is the “Pashino” lake water-side 
stone bath with the upright bank-sides, filling with the pure  in the Karkaralinskiy mountain-forest oasis, what is in 224 km 
clean water. The Karkaralinskiye Mountains are girded by the  from Karaganda. The picturesque nature in conjunction with 
forest. The soft-wood forests prevail, basically the pine wood. The 
pure forest air attracts a lot of vacationers to this rest house. 
combined and leaf forests are about 10-12 percents. The birch,  The mountain ski complex with the ropeway uses the special 
aspen, osier, bird cherry tree occur. 
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