«жизнь. Версия науки» Второй международный научно-популярный фестиваль фонда «Династия»

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Название«жизнь. Версия науки» Второй международный научно-популярный фестиваль фонда «Династия»
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Sizintsev Andrei, Russia
Born in 1965 in St-Petersburg. As a drummer he has been working with diff erent independent groups from St. 
Petersburg during latest 80th and beginning of 90th. In 1996 he joined the theatre group “Derevo”, where he 
worked as a musician and sound engineer till 2001. Musician, DJ, great sound engineer, he has been working 
with AKHE since 1996 and in 2001 joined the group during the project “Sine Loco”.In 2006 he has started actor’s 
career in fi rst AKHE’s show with the text — “ Faust cubed.2360 words”. Last years Andrey is playing also like 
drummer and percussion in the music project of Anton Adasinsky ( Derevo)
Dmitry and Elena Kavarga, Russia
For a long time they exist as a complete creative team. Artists who work with modern synthetic materials 
and high-technological appliances. Their most signifi cant works of art created in recent years are based on 
synthesis of science and art and made in collaboration with scientists and musicians. In 2009-2010 their 
personal exhibitions took place at the Barbarian-art gallery (Zurich), at Brisso (Paris).They were the participants 
of such exhibitions as “Volta6” (Basel), “Good News” (OOREL ART gallery, London), “Preview Berlin” (Germany), 
VIENNAFAIR The International Contemporary Art Fair focused on CEE, “Club 21” (parallel program to Frieze), 
One Marylebone, St. Martin’s Church, London and etc.
Eugeny Strelkov, Russia
Graduated from the radiophysical department of Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod (1985). 
Worked at the Radiophysical Research Institute (1985-1990). Since 1990 is an independent artist. He is doing 
graphics, land-art, artist’s book, multimedia. He is the editor of the illustrated literature almanac-album 
“Dirizhabl” (“Dirigible”). Art director of the Dirizhabl studio. A participant, manager and curator of the art 
exhibitions in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, London, Paris, Essen, 
Prague. A museum planner, author of several projects-winners of the grants competitions of the Dmitry Zimin 
Foundation “Dynasty”, Potanin Foundation, Soros Foundation, Pro Arte Foundation, “The cultural capital of 
Volga region” Foundation. He lives in Nizhny Novgorod.
Dmitry Khazan, Russia
Graduated from the radiophysical department of R.Y. Alekseev Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University 
(1992), specialized in “radiotechnical systems’. Worked at the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy 
of Sciences (1992-1995). From 1995 is a part of the Dirizhabl studio where he is in charge of video editing and 
fl  ash programming. Is a co-author of several media installations and animated short fi  lms dedicated to the 
popularization of science. He lives and works in Nizhny Novgorod.
Masato Sekine, Japan
Born 1982, Tochigi, Japan. Masato Sekine studied new media design at Keio University, Tokyo. He has worked 
since 2005 on developing his unique art form, inspired by cybernetics and physics. His work has been exhibited 
at festivals and conferences for art and technology such as Ars Electronica (2007), Shanghai e-ARTS(2007), 
SIGGRAPH(2008) and Japan Media Arts Festival(2009). His current research interests include information-
theoretical aesthetics, human intuition and generative process in nature.
Maksim Lushik, Russia
Graduated from Belarusian State University, specialized in environmental design, then graduated from Saint-
Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television, specialized in directing animation fi  lms. Awarded 
nominee at the car design competition (Time machine — 2000), comic book festival (Kommisiya-2005) and 
animated fi  lm festivals (Multimatograph-2007, Adult games, Nontzefl  ash, Multimatograph-2010, Nevidannoe 
kino-2010, Izolenta-2010).
Vladimir Grig, Russia
Graduated from Krasnodar school of design. Worked at Moscow and Krasnodar book publishing houses. In 1995 
won the scholarship of the Academy of Arts, Berlin. Since 1990 is the member of the Union of Russian Artists. 
The author of more than 40 projects within the frames of personal and collective exhibitions and festivals 
in Russia, Germany and Austria. A participant of the music project MELONOISE. Since 2007 he works in the 
science-art fi eld.
Eva Degtyareva, Russia
In 2010 graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television, specialized in directing 
animation fi  lms. In 2003 — 2010 worked as a web and fl  ash designer at the Inest studio, as an illustrator for 
Saint-Petersburg and Moscow periodic publications, as a property man and decorator in theatres and clubs of 
Saint-Petersburg, as a script writer of the youth cinematographic projects. Participated in the projects for Art 
Moscow-2006, Art Moscow-2008, Art Moscow-2010 as a co-author of Vladimir Grig, an animation director. 
Was in charge of production of animation fi  lms which were awarded at the international festivals. In 2009 

took part in the project “Underworld” for the Dokuchaev State Museum of Pedology within the frames of the 
competition of the Dynasty Foundation.
Jamie O’Shea, USA
Born 1980, New York, NY, USA. Jamie O’Shea was born in upstate New York in 1980, and now lives as an artist 
in New York City. He creates inventions to test the boundaries of the impossible and impractical. He usually 
experiments with memory, light, and time, and lately he can’t stop thinking about all that extra gravity out 
there. He creates his work at the Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology.
Ralf Baecker, Germany
Born 1977, Düsseldorf, Germany. Ralf Baecker lives and works in Bremen, Germany. After studies in computer 
science he attended the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne graduating with a diploma in media arts in 2007. 
In 2007/2008 he teached at the department for Design of Medial Environments at the Bauhaus University in 
Weimar. Baecker builds installations and sculptures that deconstruct the fundamentals of symbolic processes.
Aleksey Chebykin, Russia
An artist, architect. A participant of the Russian and international projects and exhibitions including “Artist and 
weapon” (Nizhny Tagil, Moscow, Gdansk, 2002 — 2005); “9000 km” (2006); “Eastern Neighbours” (Utrecht; 
Kalmar, 2006); “The heart of Venice” (Venice, 2007); “PRAGUEBIENNALE 3” (Prague, 2007); 52nd Venice 
Biennale (“GINNUNGAGAP”, 2007); “Artissima” (Torino, 2007), “Schengen” (Berlin, 2008); “The Russian Roulette” 
(Wiesbaden, 2008); “Monsters — People, Murders, power Machines” (Dresden, 2008).
Dmitry Bulatov, Russia
An artist, art theorist. Organizer of several research projects aimed on various aspects of relationships between 
art and high technologies (science art). Author of the articles about contemporary art published in Russia and 
abroad and also the author of books and anthologies including “BioMediale. Contemporary society and genomic 
culture” (2004), “Evolution haut couture: Art and science in the epoch of post-biology” (2009). His works were 
represented at diff  erent international exhibitions among which there were the following: “Victory of the Sun” 
(Moscow, 2007), “Technology Expanding the Horizon” (Columbus, 2007), “Senses Alert” (Berlin, 2008), “Corpus 
Extremus (Life +)” (New York, 2009), “Russian Utopias” (Moscow, 2010) and many others. In 2007 was named 
in “Top 10” authors of the most interesting new organisms of the year (Wired magazine, USA). Prize-winner of 
the national award “Innovation” (2008).
Dmitry Zhukov, Russia
Senior researcher at Pavlov Institute of Physiology (Russian Academy of Sciences), professor of the faculty 
of psychology at Saint-Petersburg State University. Graduated from the bio-pedological faculty of Zhdanov 
Leningrad State University in 1980. Since that very year has been working at Pavlov Institute of Physiology 
(postgraduate, senior laboratory assistant, junior researcher, senior researcher). At the biology department of 
Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1999 presented a thesis for the degree of doctor of biosciences called 
“Stress resistance and behavior strategy”. Main scientifi  c interests: individual diff  erences, humoral behavior 
mechanisms, parental infl  uences on formation of girls’ individuality. Author of the textbooks “Biological basis of 
behavior” (2004) and “Biology of behavior. Humoral mechanisms” (2007).
Byeong Sam Jeon, South Korea
Born 1977, Seoul, Korea. Byeong Sam Jeon is an internationally recognized electronic artist and interdisciplinary 
researcher whose work intersects between arts and sciences and explores the theme of communication among 
living beings. His work addresses how interdisciplinary art research infl uences our world in creative ways and 
makes the world more diverse and rich. One of his well-known projects, Telematic Drum Circle has gathered 
more than 260,000 Internet users and offl
  ine participants from 59 countries to promote global harmony across 
the world since it was released in September 2007. For a decade, Jeon has presented his work worldwide mainly 
including: SIGGRAPH (USA), ISIMD (Turkey), AsiaGraph (China), ArtBots (Ireland), Netfi lmmakers (Denmark), 
Gwacheon National Science Museum (Korea), Siggraph ASIA (Singapore), and many more. Byeong Sam Jeon 
currently works as the CEO of Korea Interdisciplinary Arts Network (KoIAN) in Seoul, Korea.
Julian Oliver, Germany
Born 1974, Christchurch, New Zealand. Julian Oliver is a New Zealander based in Berlin. He has been active in 
the critical intersection of art and technology since 1998. His projects and papers have been presented at many 
museums, international electronic-art events and conferences, including the Tate Modern, Transmediale, Ars 
Electronica and the Japan Media Arts Festival. His work has received several awards, ranging across technical 
excellence, artistic invention and interaction design. Julian has given numerous workshops and master classes 
in software art, augmented reality, creative hacking, data forensics, object-oriented programming for artists, 
virtual architecture, artistic game-development, information visualisation, UNIX/Linux and open source 

development practices worldwide. He is a long-time advocate of the use of free software in artistic production, 
distribution and education.
Nick Spider, Russia
While studying at the Saint-Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy named after Alexander von Stieglitz 
and informally known as Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Design (in the Russian language “Mukha” 
stands for a “fl y” in English) he starts to elaborate his own original theme connected with insects metaphorically 
perpetuating alma mater in the series of installations called “Musca”. After graduating from the program 
InterNeProArt, he extends the fi  eld of themes and form of presentation — the main characters of his newly 
introduced interactive and multimedia objects are now representatives of diff  erent species of insects — from 
Mantis religiosa to Coccinella. His project “Against Insect Cuisine”, released during art-residence “NY Tow 
services”, gained international popularity. Participant of numerous individual and collective actions including 
“Our homeland is Tsarskoe selo”, “My home is Marvel”, “Amazing fantasies”, “Hipster? Give me fi ve”.
Semen Motolyanets, Russia
Studied at Minsk Architectural Technical secondary school, in 2003 graduated from Saint-Petersburg State 
Academy of Art and Industry, department of monumental and decorative arts. In 2010-2011 studied at Pro 
Arte Institute following the program for the young artists “Contemporary art” (Saint-Petersburg). Participant 
of dozens of personal and collective exhibitions, art actions, performances, the 1st Ural Industrial Biennale. His 
works of art are kept in collections of the State Russian Museum, Museum of Nonconformist Art, in private 
collection in Russia and in Germany.
Louis-Philippe Demers, Singapore
Born 1959, Montreal, Canada. Louis-Philippe Demers makes large-scale robotic environments and interactive 
media artworks. So far, he realized more than 300 machines and his robotics works could be found in theatre, 
dance, opera, subway stations, art museums, science museums, music events and trade shows. Demers has 
exhibited internationally and received several prizes for his works. The Tiller Girls obtained a mention at the 
Artifi cial Life Contest (VIDA 12.0). He was Professor at the HfG/ZKM and currently, he is at the Interaction and 
Entertainment Research Centre at the NTU (Singapore).
Leonel Moura, Portugal
Born 1948, Lisbon, Portugal. Leonel Moura is a European artist born in Lisbon that works with AI and robotics. 
He created in 2003 his fi rst swarm of ‘Painting Robots’, able to produce original artworks based on emergent 
behavior. Since then he has produced several artbots, each time more autonomous and sophisticated. RAP 
(Robotic Action Painter), 2006, created for a permanent exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History 
in New York, is able to generate highly creative and original art works, to decide when the work is ready and to 
sign it. ISU (The Poet Robot), 2006, generates random poems, very much in the style of the Lettrist Movement 
and of Concrete Poetry. In 2007 the Robotarium, the fi rst zoo dedicated to robots and artifi cial life, opened in 
Alverca. In 2009 Leonel Moura has been appointed European Ambassador for Creativity and Innovation.
Karolina Sobecka, USA
Born 1977, Warsaw, Poland. A native of Poland, Karolina Sobecka works with interactivity, physical computing, 
video, animation and other media. Her artistic interest is stimulated by advances in science and technology. 
Sobecka’s work has been shown at festivals and galleries around the world, including the Victoria and Albert 
Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Beall Center for Art + Tech, ISEA, Medialab Prado, FILE and New Media 
Meeting. She has received awards from the Princess Grace Foundation, Vida Art and Artifi cial Life Awards, Asia 
Digital Arts Awards, the Platform International Animation Festival and the Japan Media Arts Festival.

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