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НазваниеN. I. Kolodina, Е. V. Vitlitzkaya, О. G. Ljabina 
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products, which are in great demand. Here are some samples (send) to our distributors last month. 9. The methods (ap-
ply) in the building of the new metro stations proved to be efficient. 
Ex. VIII. Paraphrase the following using Participle II. 
Model:   These are only a few of the attempts, which were made to improve the situation. – These are only a few of the 
attempts made to improve the situation. 
1. The new job, which has been offered to me lately, seems to be very interesting. 2. He could not recognize the square, 
which was rebuilt, while he was away. 3. The news, which you've brought to us, is exciting. 4. The things that are left 
behind by passengers are usually taken to the Lost Property Office. 5. The animals, which were caught in the morning, 
struggled furiously. 6. The answer, which had been so long expected, came at last. 7. There was a dead silence in the 
room, which was broken only by his cough. 8. The sunrays lighted the magnificent house, which was built on the hill. 9. 
The castle, which was built many years ago, was in good order. 10. The typewriter that was bought a few days ago has 
gone wrong. 
Ex. IX. Open the brackets and use participial constructions with the conjunctions whenwhileas ifas thoughif, 
Model:  When you cross the street, be careful at the crossroads. – When crossing the street, be careful at the cross-
1. When he was lying he spoke more quickly than when he was telling the truth. 2. She stood in front of the mirror as if 
she were speaking to herself. 3. She screamed as though she had been badly hurt. 4. He is a quiet man. He never hurries 
unless he is pressed for time. 5. While I was waiting for you, I was looking through newspapers and magazines. 6. 
When he was asked about it, he could say nothing. 7. When the article is translated, it will be typed. 8. While I was 
crossing the street yesterday, I saw an accident. 9. A promise accounts so little till it is kept. 10. When he was a student 
he used to study at the library. 11. He was hesitating whether to take the step, which if it was mistaken, could put him to 
Ex. X. Open the brackets and use the correct form of Participle I Perfect. 
1. (See) so little of the country, I am afraid I cannot answer all your questions. 2. (Arrive) two days before the confer-
ence he had a lot of time to see Edinburgh. 3. I felt very tired (work) the whole day in the sun. 4. (Buy) a pair of gloves 
we moved to the shoe department. 5. She left (tell) us all she had found everything out. 6. (Get) what he wanted he took 
his hat and left. 7. By this time (get used) to the atmosphere of the big city, he no longer felt a stranger. 8. I felt re-
freshed and rested (sleep) for eight hours. 9. (Complete) all our preparations we hired a taxi and hurried off. 10. Never 
(experience) such difficulties she was at a loss. 
Ex. XI. Open the brackets and fill in with the proper Participle. 
1. He fell asleep (exhaust) by the journey. 2. She entered the dining room (accompany) by her husband and her father. 
3. A snake (sleep) in the grass will bite if anyone treads upon it. 4. (Fill) his pockets with apples the boy was about to 
run away when he saw the owner of the garden with a stick in his hand. 5. It was a bright Sunday morning of early 
summer (promise) heat. 6. When I came home, I found the table (lay). 7. (Judge) by the colour of the sun it should be 
windy tomorrow. 8. (Arrive) at a big seaport, I started to look for a job. 9. He had received an urgent message (ask) him 
to telephone Sir Matthew. 10. He looked at groups of young girls (walk) arm in arm. 11. In the wood they sat down on a 
(fall) tree. 12. (See) from the hill the city looks magnificent. 13. (Not know) where to go he turned to a passer by. 14. 
(Lock) in her room she threw a fit. 15. (Address) the parcel, I went out at once to post it. 16. She often took care of my 
little sister (give) me a possibility to play with other boys. 17. (Wash) her face in cold water, she came up to the window 
and shut it. 18. Paul sat down again, evidently (change) his mind about going. 
Ex. XII. Choose the right variant. 
1.  She stayed _______ in her room, _______ to come downstairs. 
a) having locked, refused 
b) locked, refusing 
c) locking, having refused 
2.  She had a good practical knowledge of French _______ as an interpreter for many years in France. 
a) working 
b) having worked 
c) worked 
3.  When we _______ we found dinner _______. 
a) returned, serving 
b) having returned, served 
c) returning, having served 
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