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A short history on American Vandervliet

Adrian Gerritsen Van Vliet born mid 1600s, Utrecht, Netherlands. He married Agatha Jans Spruyt, before 1654, in Netherlands, born Krickenbeck, Utrecht, Netherlands, (daughter of Jan Spruyt) died Ulster County, New York.

Adrian died before September 1, 1689, Kingston. He came to New Amsterdam on June 13, 1662 on the boat named Trouw from the Province Utrecht. His father's name was Gerrit.

Adrian Gerritsen (Van Vliet) and Agatha Jans were the 9th great grandparents/ancestors of the Luke Family.

Resources: Ulster Family Tree page 22, dated August 26, 1976.

Biographical Record of Dutchess County, NY published by J.H. Beers and Co. of Chicago 1887.

From Worden's Machackemack (Deerpark), Orange Co., NY RDC Records, page 192:

The name Vliet appears among the ancient nobility of Holland, who had their surnames nearly all from a village, house or tract of land owned by them or their forefathers, and before each surname placed the little word, "van". The meaning of Vliet is stream or river, Van Vliet - of the stream of river.

Utrecht, the main town of the province of the same name and the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, is situated on the Kromme Oude Rijn and on the river Vecht that subsequently flows into the IJsselmeer.

The town's history is documented as early as 48 BC. The town was granted a charter in 1122. The

town's political importance declined after the principality of Utrecht was taken over by Emperor Charles V in 1528, but it subsequently regained influence during the Dutch struggle for liberation from Spanish rule.

The History of Ulster County, New York by N. Sylvester

Marbletown (page186): Arian Gerretsen Van Vliet, Tjerck Classen Dewitt, Thomas Quick, Jan

Oosterhout, ventured further into the wilderness, and took grants in the vicinity of the Rochester church.


2. Gerrit (Gerard) Van Vliet born 1649.

3. Jan Van Vliet born c 1650.

4. Dirck Van Vliet born c 1651.

5. Geertie (Arents) Van Vliet born c 1654.

6. Machteld Adriansen Van Vliet born c 1655.

Second Generation

1. Gerrit (Gerard) Van Vliet, born 1649, Utrecht, Netherlands. He married Pieternella Swart, prior to 1681, born c 1657, Schenectady, (prior to 1809 Albany) Schenectady County, New York, (daughter of Teunis Cornelissen Swart and Elizabeth Van Der Linda) died c 1734, Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York. Gerrit died c 1734, Fishkill.


- Cornelia Van Vliet, baptized 28 Aug 1681, Marbletown. She married Andries (Davidsen) Davis, 7 Dec 1702, in Kingston (son of David (David Christoffelsen) Davis and Rachel Jans) died 1716. Cornelia's baptismal sponsors were Aert Mertensen and Efyen Spruit.

- Agatha (Aagjen) Van Vliet, born 1683, Kingston. She married Marcus (Wamboom) Van Bommel, 14 Apr 1716, in Kingston (son of Peter (Pieter Vanbone) Van Bommel and Debora Davis).

- Elizabeth (Lysberth) Van Vliet, baptized 2 Oct 1687, Hurley (on the Esopus Creek, formed in 1708), Ulster County, New York. She married Nathaniel Davenport, 3 May 1712, in Kingston (son of Humphrey Davenport and Anna Rosecrans).

- Jannetje Van Vliet, baptized 30 Oct 1692, Kingston. She married Louis DuBois, 16-Apr-1718, in Kingston (son of Mattheus Dubois and Sara Matthysen).

- Geertje Van Vliet, baptized 11 Nov 1694, Kingston. She married Christophel (Wanbomme) Van Bommel, 21 Jun 1725, in Kingston (son of Peter (Pieter Vanbone) Van Bommel and Debora Davis).

- Neeltje Van Vliet, baptized 21 Feb 1697, Kingston. She married (1) Johannes (Jan) Ter (Bos) Bosch, after 1722, (son of Johannes ter Bosch and Lysbeth Hendrickson Van Wagenen). She married (2) Christian DuBois, prior to 1736, in New York (son of Pierre (Peter) DuBois and Jannetje Burhans).

- Adrian (Arie) Gerritse Van Vliet, baptized 26 Mar 1699, Kingston. He married Janneke (Knoet ) Cloet, in Kingston (daughter of Frederick (Knoet) (Clute) Cloete and Francina (Francyntie) duMond).

- Teunis Van Vliet, baptized 14 Jun 1702, Kingston. He married Sara Van Wagenen, (daughter of Evert Van Wagenen and Hillegond Van Heyningen).

3. Jan Van Vliet, born c 1650, Stigt van Utrecht, Holland. He married Judith Hussey, 4 Oct 1684, in Kingston, Ulster County, New York, (daughter of Frederick Hussey and Margaret Bos). Jan died Marbletown. His son settled in Somerset County, New Jersey where his descendants write the name as Van Fleet.


- Achie (Achie/Aeghye) Van Vliet, baptized 31 Jan 1686, Kingston. She married Joost Hoornbeek, 28

Oct 1707, in Kingston, (son of Warner Hoornbeck and Annetje (Anna) De Hooges).

- Arie Van Vliet, baptized 4 Dec 1687, Kingston. He married Helena Rosecrans.

- Frederick Van Vliet, born c 1691-92, Marbletown. He married Mary Biggs, 22 Nov 1718, in

Kingston (daughter of John (Bix) Biggs and Mary (Haal) Hall). His descendents changed the

spelling of the name to VAN FLEET.

- Jan Van Vliet, Jr., baptized 16 Nov 1694, Kingston. He married Jesyntie Swartwout, 11 Mar 1725, in Kingston (daughter of Thomas Swartwout and Elizabeth Jansen Gardiner). He owned property is Kingston as appears by a deed dated 1686. Afterwards they removed to Marbletown, Ulster County, New York. Jan Van Vliet's piety and zeal was shown in the active part he took in the formation of the church in Machackemack (Deerpark).

- William Van Vliet, baptized 4 Jan 1699, Kingston. He married Sara Van Keuren, 20 Nov 1726, in Kingston (daughter of Tjerck Matyssz van Keuren and Maria Ten Eyck).

- Debora Van Vliet, baptized 12 Oct 1701, Kingston. She married Petrus Louw.

- Margaret (Geertje) Van Vliet, baptized 3 Sep 1704, Kingston. She married Gerrit Constapel, 4 May 1721, in Kingston, (son of Egbert Gerritsen Constapel and Marrietje Hendricks Bond). Another researcher indicates she married Christoffel Van Bommel on June 21, 1725.

- Annatje (Anna) Van Vliet, baptized 24 Jun 1711, Kingston. She married Johannes (John) Keator, 18 Apr 1737, in Accord (village in Rochester), (son of Nicholas Melchertse Keator and Jannetje Van Der Mark.

2. Dirck Van Vliet, born c 1651, Utrecht, Netherlands. He married Anna Andriesen, 23 Apr 1685, in Kingston (daughter of Andries Adriaensen Barentsen and Hilletje Barentsen Hendricks) baptized 10 Sep1662, Kingston. Dirck died 1702, Kingston. He lost his leg at a New Year's celebration in 1678. It was accidently shot off by Gysbert Krom. He had recovered by April 5th. He married Anna Andriesen,

daughter of Andries and Hilletje Hendricks Barentsen. Andries Barentsen wounded in an Indian attack on Wiltwyck June 1663 and died. His wife remarried Albert Jansen Van Steenwyck.


- Arie Adrian Van Vliet, baptized 12 Jul 1686, Kingston. He married Geertie Masten, 26 Feb 1711, in Kingston, (daughter of Cornelius Masten and Elizabeth Van Wagenen).

- Hilletjen Van Vliet, baptized 1 Jan 1688, Kingston. She married Gysbert (Peele) Palen, 3 May 1712, in Kingston, (son of Paulus (Poules Poulese) Peele and Elizabeth Hendricksen).

- Andries Van Vliet, baptized 5 Nov 1691, Kingston, died 1722.

- Aagjen (Agatha) Van Vliet, born 1693, Kingston. She married Teunis Adam Swart, 26 Nov 1715, in Kingston, (son of Adam Swart and Metje Willems Van Slyck).

- Cornelia Van Vliet, baptized 7 Jun 1695, Kingston. She married Matthew Edward Thompson, 24 Jul 1737, in Kingston.

- Gerrit Van Vliet, baptized 4 Jul 1697, Esopus (formed from Kingston), Ulster County, New York. He married Judica (Judith) Van Nest, 3 Jul 1719 (daughter of Hironemus Van Nest and Neeltje Hendricks).

Used surname van Fleet.

- Rachel Van Vliet, baptized 7 May 1699, Kingston. She married Teunis Swart, 25 May 1723, in

Kingston, (son of Cornelis Theunis Swart and Anna Maria Decker).

- Dirck Van Vliet, baptized 1 Jan 1701, Kingston. He married Marytje Crispell, 24 Jan 1729, in

Kingston (daughter of Jan (John) Crispell and Geertje Jans Roosa).

- Catharina Van Vliet, baptized 22 Nov 1702, Kingston, Ulster County, New York.

3. Geertie (Arents) Van Vliet, born c 1654, Utrecht, Netherlands. She married Gysbert (Gilbert)

Willems Krom, before 1676, in Ulster County, New York, born c 1653, Drenth, Gelderland,

Netherlands, (son of Willem Gijsbertsz (Krom) Crom and Maeyken Hendricksen) died Oct. 1724,

Marbletown. Geertie died after 1700, Marbletown, Ulster County, New York. She might have been known as Geertie Arents.

Geertie Arents and Gysbert Krom were the 8th great grandparents of the Luke Family.


- Catherine Krom, born c 1673, Kingston. She married (1) Arie (Adrian) Van Etten, 1694, in Ulster County, New York (son of Jacob Jansen Van Etten and Annetje Ariens). She married (2) Hendrick Hendricksen, born 1677, (son of Hendrick Jansen and Catherine Hansen).

- Willem Krom, born 15 Oct 1675, Marbletown. He married Wyntje Roosa, 12 Nov 1699, in Kingston (daughter of Heyman Aldertse Roosa and Anna Margaret Roosevelt).

- Mayken Krom, baptized 31 Oct 1677, Kingston. She married Jacob Klaarwater, 1-Feb-1702, in

Kingston (son of Teunis Jacobsen and Marie (Marritie) Hansen). Mayken died Kingston. Her baptismal sponsors were Joost Jansen and Geertie Crom.

- Gysbert Krom, baptized 9 Feb 1679. He married Anna T. Andresse.

- Dirck Krom, born 9-Dec-1683, Kingston. He married Eva de la Montagne, before 1709, in Ulster County, New York (daughter of William (Willem) Mounsier De La Montagne and Elenora (Lenora) DeHooges). Dirck died Accord (village in Rochester), Ulster County, New York. Through his wife he inherited large tracts of land in Marbletown and Rochester in Ulster County, New York from her father who was an early settler there.

- Hendric Krom, baptized 9 Dec 1683, Kingston. He married Diana (Dyna Biks) Biggs, 22-Aug-1713, in Kingston, born c 1690-93, Marbletown (daughter of John (Bix) Biggs and Mary (Haal) Hall) died Ulster County, New York. Hendric died Dec. 1769, Ulster County, New York. He was baptized by Domine Johannes Weecksteen in the Old Dutch Church. His baptismal sponsors were Johannes Weecksteen and Mayken Hendrix. 7th great grandparents/ancestors of the Luke Family.

- Aegjen (Achie) Krom, baptized 31 Jan 1686, Kingston. She married Aldert Heyman Roosa, in Ulster County, New York (son of Heyman Aldertse Roosa and Anna Margaret Roosevelt.

- Zacharias Krom, baptized 5 Mar 1688, Kingston. He was the twin of Lysbet

- Elizabeth (Lysbeth) Krom, baptized 5 Mar 1688, Kingston. She married William Roosa, 1710, in Kingston (son of Jan Aldertse Roosa and Hillegondt (Hilda) Willems Van Boerum). She was the twin of Zacharias.

6. Machteld Adriansen Van Vliet, born c 1655, Utrecht, Netherlands. She married (1) Barent Van

Borsum, c 1675, in Ulster County, New York, born c 1645, New Amsterdam, the Dutch Colony, (son of Egbert Van Borsum and Annetje Hendricks) died c 1683, Ulster County, New York. She married

(2) Jan Jacobs Stol, 15 Sep 1684, in Kingston born c 1659, Albany area, (son of Jacob Jansen Stol and Geertruyd Andriesen) died after 1718. Machteld died after 1718, Somerset County, New Jersey. She married second to Jan Jacob Stol on Sept. 15, 1684 in Marbletown. Other research shows a son named Jacob Stol born 1685 who married Annatje Beekman.


- Annetje Van Borsum, born 31 May 1676, New York.

- Egbert Van Borsum, , baptized 15 Sep 1678, Kingston.

- Neltie Van Borsum, born 1683, Kingston.

- Aefje Van Borsum, born Kingston.

- Jacob Hap Stol, baptized 1 Feb 1685, Kingston, Ulster County, New York.

- Andries Stol, baptized 29 Apr 1687, Kingston

- Geertruy Stol, baptized 28 Apr 1689, Kingston, Ulster County, New York. She married John (Jan)

Kok, c 1720, in Ulster County (son of John Kok and Madeline (Magdalena) (Mary) Wood.

- Catherine Stol, , baptized 3 Nov 1695, Kingston

- Machtel Stol, born c 1697, Marbletown. She married Peter (Pieter) Van Nest.

- Jan Stol, baptized 26 Mar 1699, Kingston.

Documentation on American Vandervliet from a different starting point.

Isaac HAGEMAN. Born 10 Oct 1779 in Harlingen, Somerset Co., New Jersey1 He was baptized on 28 Nov 1779 in Six Mile Run Dutch Reformed Church, Six Mile Run, Somerset Co., New Jersey.14 He immigrated in 1837 to Illinois from New Jersey, along with his second wife Ellen Voorhees, many of his children including his grown son William Brown Hageman and his first wife Aletta Quick Stryker, and many other Somerset families. Isaac died on 15 Nov 184911 in Fairview, Fulton County, Illinois.11 Cause of death: typhoid fever.

The record of Isaac's baptism is in "Six-Mile Run Church Baptisms, 1743-1805: From the Records, " Somerset County Historical Quarterly Vol VIII, 1919.14 The Six-Mile Run Dutch Reformed Church is in Franklin township, Somerset County,

New Jersey.

1779. Nov. 28. Hagemen, Benyemen and Sara--Isaac.

The record of Isaac and wife Maria's membership in the Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church is in Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church membership records: "5/23/1823 Isaac Hagaman, Maria Van Der Veer"

The migration of Isaac with his second wife Ellen VOORHEES is recorded in the book William Oppie of Somerset County,

New Jersey, 1958, p.59:9

Isaac Hageman m. 2nd Ellen Voorhees. These two went to Illinois c. 1837 along with many other Somerset families. The record of his death is in the Dutch Reformed Church at Fairview, Ill., which is the oldest Dutch Reformed Church west of the Alleghenies.

The story of Isaac Hageman's last days, passing, and estate settlement is lovingly told by Sarah C. (Ross) Hageman (wife of Isaac and Maria Vanderveer Hageman's son Andrew Brown Hageman), in a family treasure known as "Sarah's Book,"1900:11

Our little girl [Anna M. Hageman] was born in October [1848] and Aunt Lettie [Aletta Quick Stryker] , William Hageman’s wife came and staid with me two weeks, and we had a good time. She often spoke of it. Andrews people all liked me. We got along together very well. I treated them very well. That Fall we moved into Father [Isaac] Hageman’s house. He boarded with us. I done his work and we had the house nice and comfortable. We lived very happily that Winter. He took a great deal of care of the children.

Andrew had all the work he could do the next Spring. He worked about three months and then he bought three town lots and got rocks and lumber hauled to build a house. He dug the cellar and laid the wall himself, framed it up, raised and enclosed, and floor down and stairway up, but in the Spring he plowed up part of the lots and planted to potatoes, sweet corn, and lima beans, and all kinds of garden truck we wanted. Then done well he worked them up every evening.

That Fall Father [Isaac] Hageman took the typhoid fever and died the 15th of Nov. I also had it and was very sick. Sister Elisabeth came up and Uncle James Beardsley came with her. They came up and Uncle James had it and was very sick. They came up the river on a steam boat. It landed at Copers Creek some miles south of Canton. I don’t know how they got to Canton or how they came from there to our house. Now probably there was a stage or they came out with someone as Canton was our general trading place. It was cold weather... As it was 8 or 9 miles to Pitsfield and I believe 13 to Florence where they took the boat, but mother was worried about us and they came.

Father Hageman’s sale was settled up. Everything sold for what it would bring. Money was scarce and things did not fetch what they ought to.

The following is the will of Isaac Hageman, transcibed from the handwritten original:

State of Illinois I do hereby certify that the foregoing

Fulton County will has been duly proven and has this

day been admitted to Record in this

Office November 27th 1849

Leonard-illeg. J. Ross P. of P. [Probate of the Peace]

Last Will & Testament of Isaac Hagerman

I Isaac Hageman of the Town of Fairview, County of Fulton & State of Illinois do make & publish this my last will & testament here by revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made. It is my will that my body be decently interned & that my funeral be conducted in a manner corresponding with my estate & my situation in life, and as to such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to intrust me with I dispose of same as follows.

First I direct that all my debts & funeral expenses be paid as soon after my decease as possible out of the first monies that shall come into the hands of my executor.

Second I direct that all my estate both real & personal consisting of my house, shop & barn & the lots on which they are situated being lots No. four, five & six in the new addition to the Town of Fairview & all my household &kitchen furniture, tools, & all other property of which I may possessed be sold & out of the proceeds of said sale after payment of debts & funeral expenses as above specified that my executor pay to my beloved children viz. Sarah, Garret, William, Eliza. Ann, Isaac, Peter, Gitty & Maria the sum of one dollar to each if demanded within six months after my decease & to my two youngest sons Simon Vanliew & Andrew Brown, I bequeath all of the residue of the proceeds of the sale of my estate as aforesaid. Lastly, I hereby appoint William Vanderveer my executor.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this Thirteenth day of October A. D. 1849

Witness present Isaac Hageman

David M. Wyckoff

Henry D. Voorhees

State of Illinois On this 27 day of November

Fulton County A.D. 1849 before the undersigned Probate of the Peace within and for said County and State Personally appeared David M. Wyckoff & Henry D. Voorhees subscribing Witneeses to the foregoing Will, who being duly sworn depose and say that they were present and saw the testator Isaac Hagerman sign the same

-- that he sign the same as and for his last Will and testament and that at the time of the said signing they believe the testator to have being of sound mind & memory

Subscribed & Sworn before me David M. Wyckoff

on this 27th day of November Henry D. Voorhees

A. D. 1849 L.J. Ross P. of P. [Probate of the Peace]

State of Illinois I do Solemnly swear that this writing

Fulton County contains the true last Will and testament of the within name Isaac Hagerman deceased, So far as I know or believe; and that I will well and truly execute the same by paying first the debts and then the legacies mentioned therein as far as his goods and chattels will thereunto extend and the law charge me and that I will make a true and perfect inventory of all such goods and chattels, rights and credits as may come to my hands orknowledge belonging to the state of said deceased render A fair and just account of my executorship when thereunto require by law to the best of my knowledge and ability

So help me God Wm. F. Vandaveer

Subscribe and Sworn to

before me this 27th day of

November 1849

L.J. Ross P. of P. [Probate of the Peace]

On 25 Jan 1800 Isaac married Maria VANDERVEER in Somerset Co, New Jersey.1

They had the following children, all born in Somerset Co., New Jersey:

i.Sarah (1801-1841) Born 18 Feb 1801, baptized 12 April 1801 in Six-Mile Run, died 16 Aug 1841, and buried at the Harlingen Cemetery at Belle Mead, Somerset Co., New Jersey. She married William J. OPPIE.

ii.Garret Vanderveer2,11 (1803-) Born 12 July 1803; married 30 April 1828, Maria VOORHEES. Found on the 1830 census of Hillsborough, Somerset Co., New Jersey (one daughter ) no further trace.

iii.William Brown11,15 (1805-1882)

iv.Elizabeth Ann,11 (1808-) Born 24 April 1808; AKA "Eliza Ann."

v.Isaac (1810- 1891) Born 7 April 1810; married Maria W. VOORHEES. Died in Ellisville township, Fulton Co.,Illinois in 1891.

vi.Peter (1812-) Born 7 July 1812.

vii.Gertrude (1815-) Born 19 April 1815; AKA "Gitty."

viii.Maria (1817-) Born 18 April 1817.

ix.Cornelius Waldron2,11 (1820-) Born 29 June 1820.

x.Simon Van Liew (1822-) Born 27 Mar 1822.

xi.Andrew Brown (1824-1903) Born 4 April 1824, died 5 Mar 1903; married 13 Nov 1845, Sarah C. ROSS.

On 8 Feb 1834 Isaac second married Ellen VOORHEES,1 in Somerset Co., New Jersey,1 daughter of William VOORHEES and Alche VAN DOREN, of Lysander, New York. Ellen was born 14 Sep 1818 and died 1 May 1886.

Second Generation

Benjamin HEGEMAN. Born ca 1731 in Somerset Co., New Jersey. Benjamin was baptized in Harlingen Dutch Reformed Church, Montgomery Township, Somerset Co., New Jersey on 31 Mar 1731 (witnesses: Hendricus Heegman and Geertje Heegman). Benjamin died on 14 Jun 1804 in Six-Mile Run, now Franklin Park, Somerset Co., New Jersey.

Occupation: farmer. Military: Private in the Revolutionary War, New Jersey State Troops, Somerset Co.

Benjamin first married Gertrude "Gitty" UNKNOWN. They had 5 sons and 3 daughters. Gitty died 6 Feb 1777.13 The gravestone inscription of Gitty Hegeman is in "Elm Ridge Cemetery Inscriptions": "Hageman, Gitty (wife of Benjamin), d. Feb. 6, 1777, aged 41 yrs."

On 2 Nov 1778 Benjamin second married the widow Sarah VOORHEES; she was 36.


The marriage of Sarah and Benjamin is twice recorded in the Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New

Jersey Vol. 22:

[Page 183]:

"Hegeman, Benjamin, Somerset, and Sarah Suydam 1778 Nov. 2"

[Page 388]:

"Suydam, Sarah, and Benjamin Hegeman, Somerset 1778 Nov. 2"

They had the following children:

1i.Isaac (1779-1849)

ii.Gertrude (1781-1859)

The following is used by permission from Ora Elizabeth Hageman-Burnett and Ethel Marie Hageman-Mellies, sisters and descendants of Isaac and Maria Vanderveer Hageman, Hageman-Pendleton Genealogy, privately published June 1985 and updated November 1995, starting on p. 402:


Benjamin Hegeman/Hageman, the youngest son of Adrian Hegeman and his wife, Maria Vander Vliet was baptized on 31 March 1731 in the Reformed Dutch Church of Harlingen in Montgomery Township in Somerset County, New Jersey.

Benjamin married twice, first about 1755 to Gitty______, who was born about 1736 and died, 6 February1777, and is the mother of his first ten (10) children. He married second, 2 November 1778 (License issued) in Somerset County to Sarah Voorhees Suydam, the widow of Isaac Suydam, (son of Ryck) who died in 1776. Sarah, our ancestor, the daughter of Peter and Mary Voorhees was probably born in November and baptized on 5 December 1742 in the First Reformed Church of New Brunswick in Middlesex County, New Jersey and died 9 January 1839 at age 96 years and two months. She is buried in Pleasant Plains Cemetery in Franklin Township,

(now Franklin Park) in Somerset County, New Jersey, near her daughter, Ann Suydam Brown, wife of Andrew Brown. Sarah and her first husband, Isaac Suydam were the parents of five children. Benjamin and Sarah were the parents of two children, Isaac and Gertrude.

On 8 August 1754, Benjamin's parents, Adrian and Maria Hegeman conveyed one half of the family homestead to him and the other half to his brother, Simon. The homestead was located at Six Mile Run, on the West side of the "Old Indian Path" (now Route 27, Lincoln Highway) and about one mile north of Franklin Village (now Franklin Park). The homestead contained about 350 acres. It is almost certain that Benjamin acquired more land during his lifetime, for in OLDE NEW JERSEY..... page 1084, (Land Records) Benjamin Hegeman from Garret Hoogeland, E.3:251 (acres?) 1765. NEW JERSEY RATABLES. GMNJ Vol. 51:36, among the names listed is Benjamin Hegeman, 6 (Lots) "These men names above written who are tax'd for sundry lots of land are mostly Inhabitants in Summerset County though their lots lays in our Township which causes much trouble for the Asseser & Colector." Benjamin and his older sons, Adrian, Peter, and Benjamin, Jr. are listed on the 1793

Census of New Jersey in the Eastern Precinct of Somerset County. Later his son, Peter who married, Nancy Suydam, lived, owned and died on the homestead.

Found in, NEWSPAPER EXTRACTS, Vol. 25:82, New Jersey Archives. " away from Benjamin Hegeman, of Somerset County, in New Jersey, the 25th of March last, an Irish Servant Man, named James M'Grady, of short Stature, fair Complexion, and has brown curled Hair; Had on when he went away, a light brown Jacket, the sleeves of another cloth, an old homespun Linen Shirt, Leather Breeches, made of Sheepskin, blue yarn Stockings, has near three years to serve, and has been Servant before in Pennsylvania, near Lancaster.

Whoever takes up said Servant and brings him to his said Master, shall receive Fifty Shillings Reward; if secured in any Goal, and Notice given thereof to his said Master, shall have Thirty Shillings Reward, paid by Benjamin Hegeman

Note: Immigrants from other countries often indentured themselves to serve for a certain number of years, as payment for passage to this country.

Benjamin Hegeman is listed as a Private in the New Jersey State Troops of Sommerset County, New Jersey in the Revolutionary War. (Official Register Of The Officers and Men Of New Jersey In The Revolutionary War, p.625) Note: Margaret Bascom Cron, of Elizabeth, N.J., joined the D.A.R. under Benjamin Hageman, her 3rd Great Grandfather. Her D.A.R. Number is 663593.

At the close of the Revolutionary War, Benjamin Hageman of Six Mile Run proved that he suffered depredations by the British Troops to the extent of [pound sign] 59.19.5.

On February 6, 1800, Benjamin Hageman and Sarah, his wife of Somerset County, deeded woodland in Middlesex County to Andrew Brown for [pound sign] 72.11.0; on May 12, 1801-deeded property to Abraham DeHart of Middlesex County for $223.60. Note: research done by EWH and found in the Hageman File at Rutgers University by Margaret Cron and June Wick and sent to me in 1991. Benjamin Hageman died 11 June 1804 at Six Mile Run and was buried there in the Hageman Family Cemetery, about 300 yards west of his parents home along the fence line. Benjamin's first wife, Gitty, and his daughter, Anna, his parents and probably others were buried there. Their neighbors were the Stryker's and their family cemetery was on the other side of the fence. It appears that around 1936 any stones left in the Hageman Cemetery were put in the Stryker Cemetery and the soil in the Hageman Cemetery was tilled. There is a stone in Elm Ridge Cemetery in the family plot of his son, Benjamin, Jr., in memory of Benjamin Hageman, died 11 June 1804 in 71st year of age; Gitty Hageman, died Feb. 6, 1777 41st year; Anna, dau. of Benj. & Gitty, died Feb. 1777, age 18. "The remains lie in the family Burial Grounds."


New Jersey Colonial Documents....Calendar Of Wills.....1801-1805

Page 207.....Condensed Version

1802, Jan. 19. Hegeman, Benjamin, of Somerset Co., will of. Wife, Sarah, bed, Dutch cupboard and furniture for one room in my dwelling house; also interest from $750. while my widow. After wife's marriage or decease, same to be divided between the children I had by my first wife. Daughter, Mary (wife of Jacob Skillman), 15 hundred dollars, and daughters, Jane (wife of Cornelius Waldron), and Getude (wife of John Neves (Nevius), each 15 hundred dollars. Remainder of estate (real and personal) to be divided amongst my 6 sons, Adrian, Benjamin,

Peter, Simon, William and Isaac Hageman.Executors....sons, Adrian, Peter and Simon. Witnesses...Peter Pumyea, Jr., Lawrence Suydam, Aaron Cowling.

Proved June 26, 1804. Recorded, Surrogate's Office, Somerset County.

1804, June 25, Inventory, $4,729.72; made by John Stryker and Elbert Stoothoff, which included two negro boys, "Tone" valued at $220. and "Tom" at $170.00.

An abstract of the will of Benjamin Hegeman can be found in the Somerset County Historical Quarterly Volume VI, 1917,


HEGEMAN, BENJAMIN, of Franklin twsp. Dated Jan. 19, 1802. Probat. May 26, 1804. Names wife Sarah; daus. Mary (wife of Jacob Skillman), Gertrude (wife of John Nevius), Jane (wife of Cornelius Waldron); sons Adrian, Benjamin, Peter, Simon, William and Isaac; also speaks of sons and daughters by first wife.

Executors--sons Adrian, Peter and Simon. Witnesses--Peter Pumyea, Sr., Lawrence Suydam, Aaron Cowling.

(A., p. 28).

The following account of a land purchase is in a footnote on p. 31 of Carpenter's Hoagland family book (see also p. 73):3

Benjamin Hegeman buys from Garret Hoagland, of Cranberry, Middlesex Co., 125 acres in Cranberry brook, etc., Jan.1, 1760, Vol. E., p. 251, 'East Jersy Grants,' Sec. of State's Office, Trenton, N.J.

The following is the biography of Benjamin's grandson Benjamin B. Hageman from James P. Snell's History of Hunterdon & Somerset Counties, 1881, between pages 804 and 805, with his portrait sketch at the top:13

[Note: Please read the part about who Benjamin's parents were with caution, as it contains some errors. ]

Benjamin B Hageman [signature]

DOLIS or Dollius, Nyse or Denyse, Adrian, and Jacobus Hegeman, of the Raritans and vicinity of New Brunswick in 1703, were sons of Denyse and Liurstia Hegeman, of Flatbush, and grandsons of Adrian, the emigrant, who came over in 1650 or 1651 and settled in Flatbush.

The subject of this sketch is a grandson of Benjamin Hegeman, and a great-grandson of Adrian Hegeman, who served in the Revolutionary war. The former occupied the old homestead of the family at Six-Mile Run, where John Garretson now resides. His first wife, Gertrude, bore him five sons and three daughters. The sons were Adrian, Benjamin, Peter, Simon, and William. Ann died aged eighteen; Mary married Jacob Skillman; and Jane, Cornelius Waldron. For a second wife he married the widow Sarah Brown[error: one of Sarah's daughters married a BROWN, but Sarah was born VOORHEES and first married a SUYDAM-- webmaster], and had a son, Isaac, and a daughter, Gertrude, who married John Nevius. He died June 14, 1804, over seventy-three years of age, and was buried on his own farm. His first wife died Feb. 6, 1777.

Benjamin, father of our subject, was born on the old homestead in 1762. He married Magdalene, daughter of Bernardus and Leah Garretson, in 1809, and had two sons, Bernardus G., born Jan. 5, 1810, died April 14,1864, unmarried, and Benjamin B. Mr. Hageman died Feb. 15, 1829, aged sixty-seven. His wife died April 19, 1814, aged forty years five months and twenty-four days.

Benjamin B. Hageman was born on the north-eastern half of the old homestead, where Henry P. Cortelyou now resides, March 2, 1812. When two years of age his mother died, and he was taken to the old Garretson homestead at Middlebush, where he now resides, and which has been in the possession of the descendants of that family since Feb. 14, 1756. He grew up on the farm and attended the common school of his day. In February, 1845, he married Jane Ann, daughter of Samuel V. T. and Catherine (Smith) Van Wickle, of Middlesex County, and for sixteen years engaged in farming operations near Somerville. March 20, 1861, he returned to the Garretson homestead in Franklin township, erecting his attractive residence the same year. His barns were built in 1876-77.

Mr. Hageman is of a quiet and unostentatious temperament, and, while he has always taken a deep interest in events transpiring around him, he has kept aloof from the strifes and contentions of public life. He is a Republican in politics, and a member of the Reformed Church of Middlebush. He is recognized as a man of integrity in all the relations in life, and enjoys the confidence and respect of all. His children are Garretson, a graduate of Rutgers College in 1868, residing on the home farm, engaged in surveying and civil engineering and notary; and Samuel Van Wickle, a graduate of Eastman's Business College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., in 1874.

Sarah VOORHEES.12 Born about 1742. Sarah was baptized in New Brunswick, New Jersey on 5 Dec 1742.

Sarah first married Isaac SUYDAM, son of Ryck SUYDAM of Six Mile Run. Isaac died in 1776.

On 2 Nov 1778 when Sarah was 36, she second married Benjamin HEGEMAN.

From A Genealogy of the Van Voorhees family in America, or the descendants of Steven Coerte Van Voorhees of Holland, and Flatlands, L.I., by Elias W. Van Voorhis, 1888:12

[p. 351]

[child #] d. Sarah, bap. Dec. 5, 1742, at New Brunswick, N. J.

[she is listed as a child of the following]

[p. 339]

[child #] 6. Petrus, b. Jan. 6, 1712, at Flatlands, L. I.; d. (Letters of Administration on his estate, dated Apr.3, 1751, granted to his widow Mary, recorded in Office of Secretary of State of New Jersey at Trenton, Liber. E., p. 504); m. Mary. . . . , b. ; d. . He resided at New Brunswick, N. J.

Third Generation

Adriaen HEGEMAN. Born on 4 Mar 1685/86 in New Amsterdam, New York (Flatbush, Jamaica, Kings Co., New York). One source has his birth date 14 Mar 1686. Adriaen was baptized in the Reform Church, New Amsterdam on 14 Mar 1685/86. Witnesses were Joost Hegeman, Jacobus Hegeman and Femmetie Rems. Adriaen died in Six-Mile Run, Somerset,

New Jersey on 8 Aug 1754; he was 69. Occupation: farmer. Alias/AKA: Adrian/Aaron HAGAMAN.

The following is from History of Hunterdon and Somerset Counties, New Jersey, compiled by James P. Snell, 1881:13

[Note: Please read the part about who Benjamin's first and second wives were with caution, as it contains some mistakes. Also,

Isaac Hageman did not die in Harlingen as Snell writes below, but rather he removed to Fulton Co., Illinois with his second wife

Ellen Voorhees and died there. -- Webmaster]


[p. 804]

As early as 1703, Dollies, Denice, Adrian, and Jacobus Hageman, grandsons of Aaron* [footnote at bottom of page reads: *Aaron Hageman and Catherine, his wife, came from Holland, resided in New Amsterdam a short time, and then settled at Flatbush in 1661. He died in 1672.the emigrant, appear to have located at Six-Mile Run and its vicinity. Adrian married Maria, a daughter of John Vleet, whose lands joined his on the north, purchased land, and built a house where John Garretson resides, on the Somerset side of the old path. He had sons---Hendrick, Adrian, Joseph, Simon, Jacobus, and Benjamin---and daughters,---Gaertie, who married Joh Manley; Mary, Adrian Hageman; and Catherine, Samuel Waldron. He was buried about 300 yards west of his dwelling, along the line between his and the old Stryker property, where his wife, Mary, and others of the family were also buried. In his will, proved July 27, 1762, he left his real estate to his sons Benjamin and Simon,---to Benjamin, the parts on which the buildings were; to Simon, that part where Henry P. Cortelyou now lives.

Benjamin's first wife's name was Sarah, and they lived on the homestead. His children were Mary, who married Jacob Skillman; Jane, Cornelius Waldron; and Gertrude, John P. Nevius, who removed to Western NewYork; Adrian, who married Frances Wyckoff and lived and died at Six-Mile Run; Benjamin (2d), who married Lena Garretson, of Middlebush.

Simon married Ida Suydam and moved to Ohio; William had three wives, and lived and died at Three-Mile Run; Isaac married Maria Van Derveer, and lived and died at Harlingen; Peter married Nancy Suydam, lived, owned, and died on the homestead. He had three children,---Sarah, who lived and died single; Benjamin, who moved to Dayton, Ohio, and married there. He was captain of a rifle company raised in Franklin township, and was a brave officer. He was afterwards appointed major of the Second Battalion, Third Regiment, of Somerset Brigade, commanded by Col. Barcalow. Adrian, the first settler, was succeeded on the homestead by his son Benjamin, he by his son Peter, he by Abraham Bodine, he by Hoppock, who enlarged and remodeled the old house, and he by John Garretson, who owns and has resided on the property for about twenty years.

The farm of ex-Sheriff Voorhees, lying in the rear of the homestead, extending to the Middlebush road, and first settled on by Ryke Suydam, then containing 158 acres, was a part of the original Hageman tract. In 1766, Simon, the son of Adrian, lived in a house built on his half of the old tract, on the site now occupied by Henry P. Cortelyou. Although singular, nothing further has been traced connected with his family or his children. He was succeeded on the place by Benjamin (2d), son of Benjamin (1st), who married Lena Garretson, of Middlebush, and who resided on it until his death. He was succeeded by Dr. Wilkins, who built a new house thereon; he by Henry P. Cortelyou, now residing on the property, who enlarged the house, improved the outbuildings, and made many other important changes, among which is the large and beautiful lawn with its many green trees, from which it has been very appropriately named "Greenlawn Farm." Aaron Hageman came in possession, and owned for a time the rear parts of the tract which extended to the Middlebush road, and built on it. It is now owned by Abraham Voorhees, president of the State Bank, at New Brunswick. Henry Bound owned and lived on a part lying near the middle of the old tract, which has had the following owners: Adrian


(1st), his son Simon, Benjamin (2d), Abraham Voorhees, Henry Bound, and Henry P. Cortelyou, now residing on the homestead part.

On 1 May 1713 when Adriaen was 28, he married Maria VAN DER VLIET, in Flatbush, Long Island, New York.5

They had the following children:

i.Hendrick (1713-)

ii.John (1717-1796)

iii.Margarieta (1719-)

iv.Peter (1722-)

v.Simon (1724-1799)

vi.Barnet (1727-)

vii.Jan (1728-)

viii.Jacobus (~1727-1773)

ix.Catherine (~1730-)


x.Benjamin (ca.1730-1804)

xi.Thomas (1734-)

xii.Mary (1748-)


1   2   3   4   5   6


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