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London, and fulfils the dual purpose of teaching students and fostering research in 
science and technology. 
Imperial College began as the Royal College of Science in the middle of the 
nineteenth century, when it was realized that teaching and pursuing science and its 
applications was necessary to fully carry out the industrial revolution and keep 
Britain in the forepost of technological advance. Many famous scientists were 
associated with the early days of the College, for example Huxley and Wells. Prince 
Albert, the royal patron, also closely followed scientific work at the College. With the 
addition of the City and Guilds Institute and the Royal School of Mines, Imperial 
College acquired large engineering facilities in addition to those for pure scientific 
Today the main departments are: Physics (of which Professor Blockett is well 
known), Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, 
Aeronautics, Mining Technology, Chemistry and Mathematics. A large new 
department is the Biochemical Department, headed by Professor Chain. 
Imperial College is fortunate in having several new building with many 
excellent laboratories, and more are being built. A Computer Section develops the 
facilities of computers for the use at all departments. The College also has facilities 
outside London in a biological field station and a mining research station. 
At the present time about 2000 students are studying at Imperial College for 
their first degree. There are also about 1000 research students, working for higher 
degrees and participating in the research work of the College. A large proportion of 
them are overseas students from many different countries. There is much excellent 
research work undertaken at Imperial College in a wide range of subjects. Now 
research groups include one working on traffic problems, an operational research 
group, and a history of science department. 
Imperial College is still growing in size and numbers, and as an almost 
independent institution it rivals many other colleges of London University put 
together. It is possible that it will be associated with other institutes nearly, the Royal 
Schools of art and Music, to develop into a separate University. In this way it is 
hoped to continue to train specialized scientists and engineers in a more varied 
cultural atmosphere than a university is supposed to embody. 
research student - аспирант, соискатель; 
overseas students - иностранные студенты. 
 2.3.1 Give Russian equivalents to the sentences below paying special attention 
to the parts in italics 
1 The Imperial College of Science and Technology forms part of the University 
of London. 2 It fulfils the dual purposes of teaching students and fostering research in 
science and technology. 3 It was necessary to fully carry out the industrial revolution 
and  keep  Britain  in the forepost of technological advance. 4 Imperial Colledge 
acquired large engineering facilities in addition to those for pure scientific research. 5 
A Computer Section develops the facilities of the College's computers for the use of 

all departments. 6 There are about 1000 research students, working for higher 
and participating in the research work of the college. 7 Much excellent  
research work is undertaken at Imperial College in a wide range of subjects. 8 
Imperial College is still growing in size and numbers. 9 Imperial College rivals many 
other colleges of London University put together. 10 In this way it is hoped to 
continue to train specialized scientists and engineers. 
2.3.2 Find out all you can about the Imperial College by asking questions. 
Follow the model. Make up a short talk 
Model: 1 Is the Imperial College of Science and Technology an English 
scientific institution?  
2 I think (As far as I know) the Imperial College is the oldest and most 
important scientific institute in England. 
1 What is the dual purpose of the Imperial College? 2 What famous scientist 
were associated with the Imperial College? 3 What are the main departments of the 
Imperial College at present? 4 How many students and research students are studying 
at the Imperial College at the present time? 5 What new research groups have been 
formed at the Imperial College? 6 What is the main goal (task, purpose) of the I.C.? 
2.3.3 Insert prepositions 
1 Imperial College is fostering research … science and technology. 2 It was 
founded as the Royal College … the middle … the nineteenth century. 3 The aim … 
its foundation was to keep Britain … forepost … technological advance. 4 Many 
famous scientists were associated … the College. 5 There are large engineering 
facilities … addition … those … pure scientific research. 6 One … the departments is 
headed … Professor Chain. 7 The College is fortunate … having several new 
buildings … many laboratories. 8 The College has facilities … London … a 
biological field station. 9 … the present time many research students are working … 
higher degree … Imperial College. 10 Much research work is undertaken … Imperial 
College … a wide range … subjects. 11 The College is growing … size and numbers. 
12 Very soon it will develop … a separate University.  
2.3.4 Answer the following questions 

1 What kind of institution is the Imperial College of Science and Technology? 2 
What are the purposes of the College? 3 In what field does it foster research? 4 When 
did the College begin as the Royal College of Science? 5 Why was teaching and 
pursuing science so necessary at that time? 6 What helped to keep Britain in the 
forepost of technological advance? 7 Who was associated with the early days of the 
College? 8 What facilities did the College acquire? 9 What are the main departments 
of Imperial College? 10 Are there any new buildings being built for the College? 11 
Is the College related to the University of London? 12 What was realized in the 
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