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1.1.4 Find antonyms in the list below, arrange them in pairs: 
1) theory, to obtain, rapidly, experimentator, to finish, to increase, new, 
experienced, unknown, wide, passive, to enable, high, complicated; 
2) simple, low, practice, to give, to disable, active, slowly, theoretician, narrow, 
famous, to start, to decrease, old, inexperienced. 
1.1.5 Make up sentences using the given words and word-combinations: 
a) Example: I took post-graduate courses in economics and applied quantitative 
     1)  in  economics;  2)  in  international law; 3) informatics; 4) economics with 
mathematics; 5) business administration. 
b) Example: I am to take the candidate examination in English. 
    1) in philosophy; 2) in the special subject. 
c) Example: My scientific adviser received the State Prize. 
    1) got his Ph.D. degree in Moscow; 2) made a considerable contribution into 
economics; 3) took part in various scientific conferences and symposia. 
d) Example: I take part in annual conferences of our university. 
1) in international symposia; 2) in making experiments; 3) in delivering 
lecture in economics. 
1.1.6 Agree to the statements of your friend 
Use the following expressions of agreement: You are right; You are quite 
(absolutely) right; It is quite true that …; What you say is correct…; I agree entirely 
with you…; N is definitely right when saying that … . 
Example: - Mike is a post-graduate student at the  statistics department of the 
Orenburg State University. 
  - You are quite right. He is a post-graduate student 
1You work under Dr. Petrov, don't you?  
2 You have graduated from the Orenburg State University, haven't you?  
3 You take part in the research carried on in your department. Am I right?  
4 You have published several research papers in journals, haven't you?  
5 You collaborate with your colleagues. Is it true?  
6 You have obtained valuable information, haven't you? 
1.1.7 Disagree to the statements of your friend. Use the following expressions 
of polite disagreement: I'm afraid you are wrong (mistaken); As a general rule you 
are quite right, but in this case I think…; What you say seems to be general opinion, 
but…; I agree with you to a certain extent, but…; A large part of what you say is true, 
but…; I disagree with your assessment…  
Example: -This research student has already passed all his candidate 
examinations, hasn't he? 

- I'm afraid you are mistaken. He has only passed his exam in 
1 His friend has finished the experimental part of his dissertation, hasn't he?  
2 Your  colleagues do not assist you in your research. Am I right?  
3 The article doesn't contain any valuable information, does it? 
4 He has taken part in many international scientific conferences, hasn't he?  
5 My coworker is rather an experimentator than a theoretical, isn't he?  
6 He didn't use any new method in his research. Do you agree with me? 
1.1.8 Agree or disagree to the following statements 
Example: - I know (that) University trains post-graduate students. 
- Yes, you are right. Besides, our University does research. 
-  No, I see you are misinformed. Our University does not train post-
graduate students. It trains only undergraduates. 
1 I found that almost all collaborators of your department combine activities in 
research with experimental work.  
2 I believe you base your experiments on theoretical considerations.  
3 A doctoral thesis (dissertation) is a serious effort and it must mark a 
considerable advance in a given sphere of knowledge.  
4 This branch of knowledge has been rapidly developing in the last two decades.  
5 Doctoral candidates are not supposed to pass their examination in a foreign 
6 I always discuss the obtained data with my research adviser. 
1.1.9 Answer the following questions 
Example:   -  I work in close contact with my research adviser. And what about 
-  I work in close contact with my research adviser too. 
1 I work in close contact with the collaborators of our department. And what 
about you? 
2 My friend works in close contact with the scientists of the Russian Academy 
of Sciences. And what about your friend?  
3 Our University works in close contact with the Saratov State University. And 
what about yours?  
4 My scientific adviser works in close contact with the scientists of Germany. 
And what about your scientific adviser? 
1.2 Ask and answer the following questions: 
Example: Teacher:   Ask your neighbour if he wants to take post-graduate 
courses at the Orenburg State University. 
   Student 1: Do you want to take post-graduate courses at the OSU? 
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