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   Student  2: Yes, I do. I want to take post graduate courses at the 
Orenburg State University. 
1  Ask your neighbour what the subject of his thesis is. 
2  … if he published any articles. 
3  … where and when he published them. 
4  … if there is much or little material published on the subject of his 
5  … if the author of the article is a distinguished scientist in the field of 
6  … if he is engaged in making an experiment. 
1.2.1 Read the following statements aloud. Let another post-graduate student 
respond by expressing thanks. Change the roles as you go. Use the patterns below: 
Thank you very much; Many thanks; Thanks a lot; Thank you ever so much; 
Thank you for the pleasure; That’s very kind of you; You are very obliging; I’m very 
grateful to you. 
1 It’s a fundamental and fascinating research. You can take part in it. 
2 We shall publish your research paper in the next issue of our journal. 
3 Your report has made a great impression on the head of our department. He 
wants to offer you a position of a senior research associate in one of our labs.  
4 You may consult him on the research next Monday.  
5 Your work is of great theoretical and practical significance. We'll give you 
additional funds to speed it up.  
6 You have asked for an interview with the Minister of Education. The Minister 
will receive you next Friday. 
1.2.2 Make up questions to which the following phrases are the answers. The 
dialogue is between a research student and his scientific adviser 
Scientific adviser: …? 
Research student: Yes, I did. I tried hard to find the necessary information in 
various journals. But I could find nothing. 
Scientific adviser: …? 
Research student: Yes, of course. I also looked through English literature. But 
my knowledge of English still leaves much to be desired …! 
Scientific adviser: …? 
Research student: Of course I will! I‘m going to improve my English by 
attending the English language courses at the university. 
1.2.3 Read the following dialogues in parts 
Dialogue 1 
Peter: Hallo, Mike! 

Mike: Oh, Peter! Haven‘t seen you for ages! What are you doing here in 
Orenburg? I know you live in Orsk. 
Peter: You are quite right. But this year I have become a post-graduate student 
of the Orenburg State University. Do you remember that I was interested 
in research work when a student? 
Mike: Oh, yes, I do. And, of course, you want to carry on research in applied 
statistics. Am I right? 
Peter: Absolutely right you are. I have a particular interest in this field of 
Mike:That‘s fine! I congratulate you on a good beginning. They say: "Well 
begun is half done". I wish you success in your research. 
Peter: Thanks a lot. 
Dialogue 2 
Post-graduate: What is your opinion of my last article? 
Professor: There is a great deal in it that is new, and a great deal that is true … 
Post-graduate: Do you really mean …? 
Professor: … but it, unfortunately, happens that those portions which are new 
are not true, and those which are true are not new. 
Dialogue 3 
Post-graduate: I hear you said my new article was the worst I ever wrote. 
Professor: No, I didn‘t. I said it was the worst article anybody ever wrote. 
1.2.4 Read the text to find the answers to the following questions: 
a)  What does your research deal with? 
b)  What are you engaged in at present? 
Taking a Post-Graduate Course 
1 Last year by the decision of the Scientific Council I took post-graduate courses 
to increase my knowledge in economics. I passed three entrance examinations - in 
History, English and the special subject. So now I am a first year post-graduate 
student of the Orenburg State University. I'm attached to the Statistics Department. In 
the course of my post-graduate studies I am to pass candidate examinations in 
philosophy, English and the special subject. So I attend courses of English and 
philosophy. I'm sure the knowledge of English will help me in my research. 
2 My research deals with economics. The theme of the dissertation (thesis) is 
"Computer-Aided Tools for…". I was interested in the problem when a student so by 
now I have collected some valuable data for my thesis. 
3 I work in close contact with my research adviser (superviser). He graduated 
from the Moscow State University 15 years ago and got his doctoral degree at the age 
of 40. He is the youngest Doctor of Sciences at our University. He has published a 
great number of research papers in journals not only in this country but also abroad. 
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