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Participat­ing States Декларация принци­пов, которыми государства-участника будут руководство­ваться во взаимных отношениях

Direct or indirect use of force прямое или косвенное применение силы

Equal равный

Equal rights to people равно­правие народов

Exercise of rights осуществление прав [41]

Full-fledged member полноправный представитель

good-neighbourly relations добро­соседские отношения

to give full effect (to) придать пол­ную действенность (чему-л.)

in accordance with the dictates of one's own conscience согласно велению собственной совести

in good faith and a spirit of co­operation добросовестно и в ду­хе сотрудничества

inherent dignity of the human per­son достоинство, присущее че­ловеческой личности

Interim Chairman временный пред­седатель

life member пожизненный член

permanent delegate постоянный де­легат

plenipotentiary полномочный пред­ставитель

principles which are of primary significance принципы, которые имеют первостепенную важ­ность

to profess and practise religion ис­поведовать религию

to reflect the aspirations of peoples отражать чаяния народов

to refrain воздерживаться

to refrain from acts of coercion ma


1. Read the text and translate it sentence by sentence.

2. Read from left to right. Indicate which word or word group is nearest in meaning to those italicized.

Translate the italicized lexical units. Model: re-write men. stylists editors pen-pushers Термин stylists ближе всего подходит по смыслу к вы­деленному термину re-write men. Его можно перевести редакторы-стилисты.

воздерживаться от актов при­нуждения

To refrain from any form of arm­ed intervention воздерживаться от любой формы вооруженного вмешательства

to refrain from the threat or use of force воздерживаться от при­менения силы или угрозы силой

right to freedom and political in­dependence право на свободу и политическую независимость

right to juridical equality право на юридическое равенство

right to territorial integrity право на территориальную целостность

right to belong or not to belong to international organizations пра­во принадлежать или не при­надлежать к международным организациям

right to freely choose and develop one's political, social, economic and cultural system право сво­бодно выбирать и развивать свою политическую, социальную, эко­номическую и культурную си­стему

Without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion без разли­чия расы, пола, языка и рели-

1. To contri­bute to donate to lend one's to furnish aid

2. To contravene to oppose to differ to contradict

3. Disastrous course course to failure ruinous course course of ac­tion

4. Rapprochement accord reconciliation lack of con­flict

5. In the final analysis finally all things considered at last [42]

6. To give full effect to declare effective to carry through to implement

7. To conduct relations (with) to maintain relations (with)

To carry on relations (with) to control relations (with)

8. The literary scene the political scene world of literature the drug scene

9. Ghost-writer ghostcraft anonymous author writer about ghosts

10. To refrain (from) to hold back to stop to initiate

3. Find out the meaning of the italicized lexical units with the aid of the following leading questions.

1. In order to contribute to peace, security, justice, co-ope­ration and rapprochement the European nations decided to improve their relations.

a) Does the policy of rapprochement mean renewal of friendly or hostile relations among States?

b) When rapprochement is achieved are relations between peoples harmonized or strained?

c) Would it be right to say that political rapprochement means recommencement of harmonious relations among nations?

2. The participating States regard as inviolable their frontiers,

a) If the frontiers are proclaimed inviolable, does it mean that they are sacred and not to be violated under any circumstances?

b) Would it be a violation of the Helsinki Agreement if the frontiers are assaulted?

c) Why are the frontiers regarded as inviolable in the framework of international law?

3. The UN Charter and the Helsinki Agreement stipulate that States should refrain from coercion as an instrument of policy,

a) Does the act of coercing imply compulsion and bullying or negotiation and assistance?

b) What kind of coercion can a State be subjected to?

c) Why coercion as a political course is impermissible today?

4. Make use of your dictionary to find out the meaning of the italicized lexical units. Translate the sentences.

Model: The tactics of gerrymander worked very well for the Republicans.

Gerrymander — the dividing of a state, county, etc. into election districts so as to give one political party a majority in many districts while concentrating the voting strength of [43] the other party into as few districts as possible. (The Random House College Dictionary, 1975)

Тактика искусного манипулирования с избирательными округами оказалась вполне успешной для партии респуб­ликанцев,

1. The participating States have pledged themselves to achieve the promotion of universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms. 2. Everyone is entitled to all rights and freedoms set forth in this document. 3. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. 4. He tried to seek asy­lum from persecution in other countries. 5. Men and women of full age have the right to marry and to found a family. 6. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. 7. The will of the people is expressed in periodic and genuine elections by universal and equal suffrage. 8. Pa­rents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children. 9. International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights was adopted and opened for signature in 1966. 10. The participating States recognized the indivisibility of security in Europe as well as their common interest in the development of co-operation throughout Europe and among themselves. 11. There is a close link between peace and security in Europe and in the world as a whole. 12. It is important now to promote in every way possible fundamental rights, economic and social progress and well-being for all peoples. 13. States must refrain from any act of economic coercion designed to subordinate to their own interest the exercise by another participating State of the rights inherent in its sovereignty. 14. The delegate said that he was in favour of promoting a climate of confidence and respect among peoples, the climate free of propaganda for wars of aggression. 15. Aggressive mooes of imperialist forces hinder the peaceful settlement of disputes between States.

5. Given below are definitions and an illustration of the use of poli­tical terms. Translate the sentences and give Russian terminologic­al equivalents.


Cover-up. An action of concealing or preventing investigation or exposure. The office-holder was accused of intentional cover-up. - Этот политический деятель был обвинен в умышленной по­пытке срыва рас­следования. [44] Cover-up означает сокрытие тех или иных махинаций или противозаконных акций

  1. Treaty of alliance. A treaty which represents an alliance or union of countries for their mutual be­nefit. We enjoy the right to be a party to treaties of alli­ance.

  2. Confidence-building measures. Confidence-building measures are those measures which contribute to increasing sta­bility and secu­rity and which also reduce (he dangers of armed conflict. From the very out­set the Soviet Union has been upholding the principle of pro­moting confi­dence-building measures.

  3. Adjoining sea area. In the context of military mano­euvres an adjoin­ing sea area is the one which, is next to the fron­tiers of other sea States. The Helsinki Agree­ment says that States should be notified about major milita­ry manoeuvres which are to take place in the adjoining sea area and air space.

  4. Most favoured nation treat­ment. Most favoured na­tion treatment is a policy which is designed for pro­moting mutual trade relations, as well as to re­duce or progres­sively eliminate all kinds of ob­stacles to the de­velopment of trade. Last year the most favoured nation treatment was granted to that State. [45]

  5. Coherent navi­gable network. By coherent navi­gable network one usually means such a system of nagivation which provides for the interests of vari­ous States using the same water­ways. I think that a co­herent navigable network in Euro-pecan beachieved through co-opera­tion among States.

  6. Dispute. An argument or de­bate; a quarrel (e. g. between States). The parties to any dispute, the con­tinuance of which is likely to endanger the ma­intenance of in­ternational pe­ace and security, shall seek a solu­tion by negotia­tion.

  7. Arbitration. The process by which the parties to a dispute sub­mit their differ­ences to the judge­ment of an im­partial party ap­pointed by mutu­al consent or sta­tutory provision. Arbitration is one of the elements of the dispute-settling machin­ery.

  8. Judicial set­tlement. Administration of justice by a judge or court of law. The dispute on the question of in­terpretation of the treaty was settled by means of judicial settle­ment.

  9. Non-interven­tion Failure or refusal to interfere or intervene in the affairs of another State. To promote a non­intervention the Security Coun­cil recommended that some speci­fic terms of set­tlement be taken. [46]

6. Translate sections Ш—VII of the text.

7. Translate into English paying special attention to the italicized le­xical units.

1. Государства — участники Хельсинкского соглашения выразили общую приверженность принципам, изложенным в Уставе ООН. 2. Принцип суверенного равенства и уваже­ния прав, присущих суверенитету, является одним из важ­нейших принципов международного права. 3. Каждое госу­дарство имеет право на юридическое равенство. 4. Государ­ства должны уважать право друг друга в отношении выбора и развития своих политических, социальных, экономиче­ских и культурных систем, равно как и право установления своих законов и административных правил. 5. Междуна­родное право требует, чтобы государства в своих взаимных отношениях, а также международных отношениях, воздер­живались от применения силы или угрозы силой. 6. Лица, принадлежащие к национальным меньшинствам, имеют право на равенство перед законом. 7. В области прав чело­века и основных свобод государства-участники обязались действовать в соответствии с Уставом ООН и Всеобщей декларацией прав человека. 8. Народы мира имеют право самостоятельно распоряжаться своей судьбой. 9. Советский Союз всегда поддерживал и поддерживает принцип равно­правия и самоопределения народов. 10. Развитие сотрудни­чества между государствами способствует делу мира и про­гресса.

8. Translate into English using the right words from the brackets.

Model: Вместе с тем нельзя пройти мимо неоколониалист­ских маневров (steps, tricks, manoeuvres) раси­стов и их покровителей (benefactors, cover-ups, protectors). One cannot ignore the neocolonialism manoeuvres of racists and their benefactors. 1. Генеральная Ассамблея провозгласила Всеобщую де­кларацию прав человека в качестве задачи (as a standard, as an objective, as a goal), к выполнению которой должны стремиться все народы (all peoples, all races) и все государ­ства. 2. Никто не должен содержаться в рабстве или подне­вольном состоянии (in servitude, in subjugation, in subor­dination). 3. Мужчины и женщины, достигшие совершенно­летия (of mature age, of middle age, of full age), имеют право вступать в брак и основывать семью. 4. Семья является естественной и основной ячейкой (element, group unit, part) общества и имеет право на защиту (is entitled, is empow­ered, is authorized) со стороны общества и государства. [47]

5. Советские люди имеют право принимать участие в упра­влении (ruling, government, direction) своей страной. 6. Ма­теринство и младенчество дают право на особое попечение (aid, service, care) и помощь. 7. Возникающие между госу­дарствами споры (controversies, arguments, disputes) должны разрешаться мирными средствами, чтобы не подвергать угрозе международный мир и безопасность. 8. Одна из целей ООН — поддерживать (to retain, to keep, to maintain) международный мир и безопасность.

9. Translate into Russian giving appropriate Russian words or phrases corresponding to the italicized lexical units.

1. V. I. Lenin revealed the essence and described the moving forces of the national-liberation movements. 2. V. I. Le­nin defined the main features of the contemporary era as the transition of mankind from capitalism to socialism. 3. The CPSU ascribes great importance to the study, preservation and publication of Lenin's titerary legacy, as well as of docu­ments relating to his life and work. 4. The peoples of the world are now determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war. 5. The nations should live together in peace with one another as good neighbours. 6. Many initia­tives and efforts are necessary to maintain international peace and security. 7. If necessary, collective measures for the pre­vention and removal of threats to the peace have to be taken. 8. The Soviet foreign policy is that of developing friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples. 9. The Chief delegate said that his delegation was supporting, without any reservation, the ideas of further international co-operation in order to solve international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character.

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