Part I. Accidence the noun

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Exercise 1. Change the nouns into the plural. Use some (any) where necessary and make the other necessary changes.

1. A kitten likes to play. 2. A violet does not smell so sweet as a lily of the valley. 3. Have you bought an apple for your child? 4. Here is a letter to be posted. 5. He ate a spoonful of broth and a sandwich. 6. I must buy a postcard. 7. She did not bring me a magazine, she brought me a newspaper. 8. She made a step towards him. 9. In the bedroom a candle was burning. 10. Did she ever lend you a book?

Exercise 2. Insert articles where 'necessary. (Articles with class nouns.)

1. Not __ word was spoken in __ parlour. (Caldwelt) 2. __ room itself was filling up, so was __ staircase. (Snow) 3. I think that __ man's life is worth saving, whoever it belongs to. (Shaw) 4. Though __ earth was cold and wet, __ sky was clear and __ sun rose bright and beautiful. (Dickens) 5. He made them provide not one car, but half __ dozen. (Snow) 6.. __ compass was invented in ancient China. 7. Not __ word was spoken, not __ sound was made. (Dickens) 8. __ sky outside __ window was already dark, __ secretaries had gone home, all was quiet. (Snow) 9. Edward remained __ week at __ cottage. (Austen) 10. I tell you, he's as brave as __ man can reasonably be. (Snow) 11. After that they would meet, perhaps, two or three times __ year. (Galsworthy) 12. Dinny looked up at __ house; and suddenly saw __ face in __ window of __ dining-room. (Galsxnorthy) 13. You know I never cared for __ drama. 14. "It is not __ large house," I said. "We don't want __ large house." (Jerome K. Jercme) 15. He looks older than he is, as __ dark men often do. (Dickens) 16. Roger looked at him and, without __. word, took out his wallet and gave him __ ten-shilling note. (Snow) 17. As __ man sows, so shall he reap. 18. This morning __ tobacconist was at his door. (Bennett) 19. It was Sunday afternoon, and __ sun, which had teen shining now for several hours, was beginning to warm __ earth. (Murdoch) 20. I have __ long story to tell you. Come and sit down on __ sofa and let us have __ comfortable chat. (Marryat) 21. __ arm in __ arm, they walked toward home. (/. Shaw) 22. It was __ cottage built like __ mansion, having __ central hall with __ wooden gallery running round it, and __ rooms no bigger than __ closets. (Hardy) 23. And what __ beautiful moth there is over there on-----wall. (Murdoch) 24. She had __ key of her own. (Conan Doyle) 25. He was __ short, plump man with __ very white face and __ very white hands. It was rumoured in London that he powdered them like __ woman. (Greene) 26. __ old couldn't help __ young... (Galsworthy) 27. To him she would always be __ loveliest woman in __ world. (Maugham) 28. __ strongest have their hours of depression. (Dreiser) 29. Her aunt, in __ straw hat so broad that it covered her to __ very edges of her shoulders, was standing below with two gardeners behind her. (Galsworthy) 30. 1 am afraid I addressed __ wrong person. (Collins) 31. They must have had very fair notions of __ artistic and __ beautiful. (Jerome K. Jerome) 32. __ rich think they can buy anything. (Snow) 33. __ room has three doors; one on __ same side as __ fireplace, near — corner, leading to __ best bedroom. (Shaw) 34. My thousand __ year is not merely. __. matter of dirty banknotes and jaundicedguineas... but, it may be, health to __ drooping, strength to __ weak, consolation to __ sad. (Ch. Bronte) 35. Thank you, Stephen: I knew you would give me __ right advice. (Shaw) 36. Sometimes... visitors rang __ wrong bell. (Bennett) 37. My family came from hereabouts some generations back. I just wanted to have — look at __ place, and ask you __ question or two. (Galsworthy) 38. __ woman will only be "the equal of __ man when she earns her living in __ same way that he does. (Maugham) 39. He arrived half __ hour before dinner time, and went up to __ schoolroom at __ top of __ house, to see __ children. (Galsworthy) 40. You will see him __ steady character yet. I am sure of it. There is something in. __ very expression of his face that tells me so. (Marryat) 41. Far away in __ little street there is __ poor house. One of __ windows is open and through it I can see __ woman seated at __ table. She is __ seamstress. (Wilde) 42. _ man who entered was short and broad. He had black hair, and was wearing __ grey flannel trousers with __ red woollen shirt, open at __ neck, whose collar he carried outside __ lapels of his dark tweed jacket. (Clark) 43. Believe me, when __ woman really makes up her mind to marry __ man nothing on God's earth can save him. (Maugham) 44. I stopped,., still uncertain of myself and whether I was saying. __ right thing. (Du Maurier) 45, Then it was night and he was awake, standing in __ street, looking up at __ dark windows of __ place where he lived. __ front door was locked and there was no one in __ house. (Saroyan) 46. I believe I can tell __ very.moment I began to love him. (Galsworthy) 47. We are told that __ heart of __ man is deceitful above all __ things, and desperately wicked. (Shaw) 48. "I must do it," said Adam; "it's __ right thing." (Eliot) 49. Mr. Boythorn lived in __ pretty house with __ lawn in front, __ bright flower garden at __ side and __ kitchen-garden in __ rear, enclosed with __ wall. __ house was __ real old house. (Dickens) 50 __ bartender was __ pale little man in __ vest and apron, with __ pale, hairy arms and __ long, nervous nose. (/. Shaw) 51. __ face to __.face, he was as warm and easy-natured as he had ever been. (Snow) 52. 1 had not yet learnt how contradictory is human nature; I did not know how much pose there is in __ sincere, how much baseness in _ noble, or how much goodness in __ reprobate. 10 (Maugham) 53. During __ country house parties one day is very like another. __ men put on __ same kind of variegated tie, eat __ same breakfast, tap __ same barometer, smoke __ same pipes and kill __ same birds. (Galsworthy) 54. Almost at. very moment when r,he had returned Aileen had appeared. (Dreiser) 55. __ old man quitted __ house secretly at __ same hour as before. (Dickens) 56. We are told that __ wicked shall be punished. (Shaw) 57. __ arm in __ arm we walked on, sometimes stumbling over __ hump of earth or catching our feet in __ rabbit-holes. (Hansford lohnson) 58. Clare was __ most vivid member of __ family. She had dark fine shingled hair and __ pale expressive face, of which __ lips were slightly brightened. __ eyes were brown, with __ straight and eager glance, __ brow low and very white. Her expression was old for __ girl of twenty, being calm and yet adventurous. (Galsworthy) 59. When I was __ child my mother used to make __ cakes and send me out with them as __ presents to __ neighbours. And. __ neighbours would give us __ presents too, and not only at Christmas time. (Murdoch) 60. I wrote to __ Managing Editor that this was __ wrong moment to change their correspondent. (Greene)
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Part I. Accidence the noun iconPart I. Accidence the noun

Part I. Accidence the noun iconNoun 1 Group these nouns into countable and uncountable

Part I. Accidence the noun iconEverything  концертный зал  КаРИбский 
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Part I. Accidence the noun iconThe book may not be copied in whole or in part
Этот стих, страшный и злой, сочинил я внезапно, уходя от тебя после глупой ссоры, когда
Part I. Accidence the noun iconWinter Semester, 2 hrs of tutorial per week, 4 ects credits
Введение в литературоведение /Wstęp do literaturoznawstwa/, part I–iii, Katowice 1978. 
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 Le Code de la propriété intellectuelle n’autorisant aux termes de l’article L. 122-5-2° et 3°, d’une part, que les copies
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Part I. Accidence the noun iconКраткое содержание: part I : information on company proposing project
Part I. Accidence the noun iconКраткое содержание: part I : information on company proposing project
Part I. Accidence the noun icon This article is about the system of local adverbs as a part of local structures in the Russian language. 
ЛН как иерархической системы, для чего необходи- выполняла бы роль целостного грамматического ядра фсп. 
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