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Exercise 9. Translate into English.

1. Декабристы погибли в борьбе за свободу народа. 2. Все народы земли хотят мира. 3. Мы никогда не забудем героизм тех, кто боролся против фашизма. 4. Я очень ценю в людях скромность и простоту. 5. Природа играла большую роль в творчестве романтиков. 6. Музыкант должен знать историю оперы. 7. С ней он мог говорить о литературе, об искусстве, о чем угодно, мог жаловаться ей на жизнь, на людей. (Чехов) 8. Я хочу быть артисткой, я хочу славы, успехов, свободы. (Чехов) 9. Оставим пока геометрию. Обратимся к науке, которую вы, как чиновник почтового ведомства, вероятно, любите. География — наука почтальонов. (Чехов) 10. Зачем я стереометрию учил, ежели ее в программе нет? (Чехов) 11. Я с детства люблю музыку. 12. Он изучает английскую историю. 13. Он изучает историю Англии. 14. На расстоянии 20—30 шагов мы увидели странную фигуру. 15. Если вы плохо себя чувствуете, не выходите в такую погоду. 16. Мой брат очень любит архитектуру и мечтает стать архитектором. 17. Меня интересует история развития английского романа.

Exercise 10. insert articles where necessary. (Articles with names of persons.)

1. Margaret was talking to __ Osbaldistons. (Snow) 2. In __ dim light streaming down __ stairs from behind her, he scarcely recognised __ Lily he had known. (Lindsay) 3. __ barbaric Bertie got no hint whatever that he was barbaric. (Bennett) 4. __ father and __ daughter appeared at last. (Wells) 5. Gradman is here, darling, and __ mother, and __ Aunt Winifred, and Kit and Michael. Is there anyone you would like to see? (Galsworthy) 6. Louis seemed... rather __ grave, still, retiring man, but __ Caroline of this evening, which was not __ Caroline of every day, thawed his reserve. (Ch. Bronte) 7. She watched __ advent of __ Tasburghs almost maliciously. Hubert and __ young Tasburgh at once discovered mutual service in Mesopotamia. (Galsworthy) 8. My visit was specially made to __ good Mrs. Ames. (Conan Doyle) 9. __ professor Beans is __ man to whom you'll be responsible for your undergraduate teaching. (Wilson) 10. This Pat wasn't at all like __ Pat of his memories. When she smiled he saw __ Pat he had known, __ Pat smiling at him froirt __ worn photo that still lay in — pocketbook against his heart. But watching her ...he grew aware that __ family was divided in its attitude. Alice... and Mrs. Baxter... were partisans of — new Pat. He still felt that he couldn't bring __ two Pats together; but he didn't hold that against __ Pat of __ present. (Lindsay) 11. — flustered Clarice stood beside me. (Du Maurier) 12. If you are — Napolеоn, you will play __ game of __ power; if you're __ Leonardo, you'll play for — knowledge; __ stakes hardly matter. (Wallace) 13. At that time I had __ greatest admiration for — Impressionists. I longed to possess __ Sisley and __ Degas, and I worshipped Manet. (Maugham) 14. I overtook __ pretty little Hetty Sorrel as I was coming to my den. (Eliot) 15. He cared to say no more; he had thrown quite dust enough into __ honest Adam's eyes. (Eliot) 16. This was __ famous Frank A. Cowperwood whom he had read about... (Dreiser) 17. __ certain Joseph Zimmerman suggested that he undertake operating in street railway shares for him. (Dreiser) 18. Elsie said she would ring up __ Doctor Worple. (Bennett) 19. __ poor Edward muttered something, but what it was nobody knew. (Austen) 20. He was gayer than I had thought... youthful and ardent in __ hundred happy ways, not.— Maxim I had first met. (Du Maurier) 21. I have __ address of — man in London to whom __ Professor writes. (Conan Doyle) 22. It is needless to multiply __ instances of __ high and lofty station, and __ „ vast importance of __ Chuzzlewits at different periods. (Dickens). 23. It has been said that there is no instance, in modern times, of __ Chuzzlewit having been found on terms of __ intimacy with __ great. (Dickens) 24. __ gentle, tender-hearted Amelia Sedley was __ only person to whom she [Becky] could attach herself in __ least. (Thackeray) 25. Yet __ room itself was bright and elegant; on one wall was — fine Sisley, of poplars and sunny water, on another __ still life by Nicholas de Stael, pastel fruit in __ white dish. (Snow) 26. __ captain Cuttle lived on __ brink of — little canal. (Dickens) 27. Mr. Tupman, by __ nod, intimated that his question applied to __ disappointed Rachel. (Dickens) 28. I am __ Mr. Martin for whom you were to inquire. (Dickens) 29. I'm to meet __ Professor Hallorsen on Monday. (Galsworthy) 30. If you're going West may I come with you? I want to see __ Aunt Emily and __ Uncle Lawrence. (Galsworthy) 31. During — reading of __ paragraph, and for __ minute or two afterwards, he sat with his gaze fixed on — modest Mr. Toots, like — man entranced. (Dickens) 32. I had no doubt that you were — Miss Wilfer I have often heard named. (Dickens) 33. "Oh, good evening," he exclaimed, removing his cap and bowing. "How are you?" while his mind was registering that this truly was __ beautiful, __ exquisite Sondra whom months before he had met at his uncle's. (Dreiser) 34. "I don't care about __ Captain Dobbin's complexion," she said... "I shall always like him, I know." "There is not __ finer fellow in __ service," Osborne said, "nor — better officer, though he is not __ Adonis, certainly." (Thackeray) 35. __ difference between __ pair was that while __ father was violent and __ bully, — son had thrice __ nerve and courage of — parent, and could not merely make __ attack, but resist it; and finding that — moment was not come when __ contest between him and his father was to be decided, he took his dinner with __ perfect coolness and appetite before __ engagement began. __ old Osborne, on __ contrary, was nervous and drank much. (Thackeray) 36. __ medical practitioner quite, refused to accept __ unhappy Selina's theory. (Hardy)
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Part I. Accidence the noun iconPart I. Accidence the noun

Part I. Accidence the noun iconNoun 1 Group these nouns into countable and uncountable

Part I. Accidence the noun iconEverything  концертный зал  КаРИбский 
«New Amerykah  don ross  Цветной б-р, д. 11, строение 2  международный дом  Part Two: Return Of The Ankh» 1 ноября 
Part I. Accidence the noun iconThe book may not be copied in whole or in part
Этот стих, страшный и злой, сочинил я внезапно, уходя от тебя после глупой ссоры, когда
Part I. Accidence the noun iconWinter Semester, 2 hrs of tutorial per week, 4 ects credits
Введение в литературоведение /Wstęp do literaturoznawstwa/, part I–iii, Katowice 1978. 
Part I. Accidence the noun iconCollection Textes de référence Collège
 Le Code de la propriété intellectuelle n’autorisant aux termes de l’article L. 122-5-2° et 3°, d’une part, que les copies
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Съемка Ирины Колесниченко. При участии Владимира Дубосарского Videotrack ‘Coyote’ is part of the exhibition. © XL video, Zvezdoxhetov...
Part I. Accidence the noun iconКраткое содержание: part I : information on company proposing project
Part I. Accidence the noun iconКраткое содержание: part I : information on company proposing project
Part I. Accidence the noun icon This article is about the system of local adverbs as a part of local structures in the Russian language. 
ЛН как иерархической системы, для чего необходи- выполняла бы роль целостного грамматического ядра фсп. 
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