Кафедра иностранных языков инженерно-технических 

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Название  Кафедра иностранных языков инженерно-технических 
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 My speciality 
     I am a second year student of the Civil Engineering Faculty of the Orenburg State 
University. It is one of the largest higher educational establishments in our town. The 
Civil Engineering Faculty was founded in 1970. It trains civil engineers in the 
following specialities: “Industrial and Public Construction”, “Manufacture of the 
Building Structures”, “Architects”, “Designers”, “Automobile Roads”, "City 
Construction and Economy”.  
     During the years of activity the faculty has trained many highly-qualified 
engineers. Such specialists are in great demand nowadays. 
     There are the day-time, the evening-time and extra-mural departments. Those who 
combine studies with their work are trained at the evening-time and extra-mural 
     The whole process of studying deals with mastering new construction methods 
and progressive technology of production of building structures and materials. 
     The  junior  students  are  taught  mathematics, physics, a foreign language 
(English/German/French), chemistry, philosophy, computer processing of 
information. We attend lectures, do laboratory work and tests. We have quite a 
number of well-equipped laboratories at our disposal. Mastering one of the foreign 
languages enables us to read foreign literature and learn about the latest scientific and 
technical achievements abroad. 
     The  senior  students  study  special  engineering subjects such as Strength of 
Materials, Theoretical Mechanics, Building Materials, Geodesy, Architecture, etc.  
     The fourth-year students combine their studies with their research work. We write 
course papers and graduation theseis on the scientific problems of our research work. 
Many highly - qualified teachers work at the departments of our faculty, some of 
them have candidate's degrees and scientific ranks.  
     In summer the students of our faculty, besides vacation, have their practical hours 
in order to have a clear idea of what our speciality means. According to the academic 
plan the fifth -year students are sent to work at different plants and construction sites, 
where they learn to employ in practice the knowledge they gained at the University. 
     During practice the students master the job of a civil engineer and at the same time 
collect materials for their diploma papers. 
     The final and most important period in the students’ life is the defence of the 
graduation work in the presence of the State Examining Board. All the graduates get 
work according to their speciality. 
     We shall work at building material factories, on construction sites, at design and 
research institutions and laboratories. Besides, we are provided with everything 
necessary for a scientific career entering a post-graduate course. In a word we have a 
wide range of job opportunities. 

     1.2 Упражнения 
     1.2.1 Ответьте на следующие вопросы, используя выражения: 
I suppose... 
I believe... 
I think... 
As a rule... 
It seems to me... 
As far as I know (remember)... 
1  What University do you study at ? 
2  What faculty do you belong to ? 
3  When was it founded? 
4  Are you a second-year student ? 
5  What specialists does the Civil Engineering Faculty train ? 
6   Why do you want to become a civil engineer ? 
7  What subjects is the academic program composed of? 
8  Why do our students study foreign languages ? 
9  What does the course of studies end with? 
10 What problems do the students deal with in their course papers and graduation 
11 Where do our graduates work ? 
12 In what way can graduates continue their study? 
     1.2.2 Вставьте предлоги (with, at, in, on). 
1  The process of studying deals ......... mastering new construction methods. 
2  Such specialists are ......... great demand now. 
3  We have quite a number ......... well-equipped laboratories ......... our disposal. 
4  We write graduation theses .........the scientific problems of our research work. 
5  We are provided ......... everything necessary for a scientific career. 
     1.2.3 Составьте предложения, используя следующие слова и выражения. 
     1) their speciality, get work, all the graduates, according to; 
     2) a wide range of, we, job opportunities, have; 
     3) our faculty, work, at the department of, highly-qualified teachers, many; 
     4) is, in our town, it, higher educational eslablishments, one of the largest; 
     5) their studies, students, their research work, the fourth-year, with, combine. 
     1.2.4 Найдите в тексте эквиваленты следующих русских выражений: 
     1) процесс обучения; 
     2) технология производства; 
     3) второкурсник; 
     4) дипломная работа; 
     5) информатика; 
1   2   3   4


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