The Third International Comics Festival 

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НазваниеThe Third International Comics Festival 
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Report on holding 
The Third International Comics Festival 

The creative report
International comics festival “Boomfest” took place in St. Petersburg In September 2009 for the third time. The 
festival which has already become traditional simultaneously covered several exhibition and public places of 
the city – museums and galleries, bars and cafes, streets and parks.
There were opened 19 exhibitions in 9 exhibition spaces of St. Petersburg during September. The schedule of 
the exhibition program is represented in the Appendix 1.
Apart from this the third “Boomfest” created new festival part - country status – the special guest. Comics cul-
ture of the nearest St.Petersburg foreign neighbor - Finland was represented from diverse angles – classical 
and modern styles, schools and festivals, publishing houses and comics-journalism institute. There took place 
5 Finnish exhibitions, lectures and workshops of Finnish authors and experts.
According to the viewpoint of exhibition places executives Boomfest-2009 enjoyed wide popularity and was 
visited by more than 8000 people. Exhibitions located in Minor hall of “Manege” where visitors were view-
ing the whole exposition during more than one hour, in the loft-project Etagi, gallery «100» were also very 
popular with visitors.  Moreover one of the festival exhibitions was accepted by an exhibition space Narva 
triumphal arch for the first time.
The audience of the exhibitions can be divided into the following groups:
•  Children (up to 12) – 10%
•  Teenagers (12 to 16) – 25%
•  Youths (16 to 30) – 50%
•  Grown-ups (elder than 30) – 15%
Thus, the exhibition program has started on 5th of September and finished on 20th of October.

The creative report
Festival part program.
During September 25th – 27th the new exhibition hall of the Small hall «Manege» held the festival part of 
Boomest-2009. The schedule of the exhibition program is represented in the Appendix 2.
Every author presented the culture of comics of his or her native country and held the workshop. An average 
number of workshop visitors differed from 20 to 70 people. The audience was mostly composed of youngsters 
aged from 16 to 30 years. Besides, there was arranged an art-fair where comics and artifacts devoted to comics 
were being sold.
The total number of festival program visitors exceeded 1000 people. The audience consisted mostly of teen-
agers and youngsters from Russia and abroad.
Also this year there was arranged an additional program consisting of 4 creative meetings with Jose Alaniz 
(USA) – lecture «Russian comics and superheroes» in the Central city children’s library of A.S.Pushkin, branch 
№ 1, Emmanuel Guibert and Juliette Fournot (France) at the French institute, Sascha Hommer and Marlene 
Krause (Germany) in the German cultural centre of Goethe and Thierry Groensteen (Belgium, France) at Insti-
tute of print. These events allowed to widen the exhibition audience. Besides in Moscow there was organised 
a lecture and master class of Knut Larsson (Sweden). 
The contest among the comics artists held by the Third International Comics Festival Boomfest was declared 
in April 2008. According to the conditions of the contest the story shouldn’t have exceeded three pages. Over 
110 works from Russia, France, Finland, Ukraine, Latvia and Brazil were sent to the jury and 46 works were in-
cluded in the main program of the festival.
Nominations of the festival included grand-prix, best script, best graphic design. 
Among the jury members were: Polina Petryshina, comics artist, Boomfest-2008 contest winner; Thierry Groen-
steen – well- known and influential  figure of the French comics theory for the last thirty years; Askold Akishin 
– the artist, participant of the festival exhibition program. 
The winner of Boomfest 2009 is Ulia Grigoreva – Saint-Petersbourg artist. Next year her personal exhibition 
will be held as the part of the main program of the festival. 
Besides, the third comics contest was held together with blog-service among lj-users. 27 
works were applied to the contest and three best authors were granted prizes, provided by festival partners.
Prizes were provided by the following partners of the festival: Corel, Adobe Systems Incorporated and publish-
ing house «Boomkniga».
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